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Blue Blink

21 November 2001 - Reflection by Dave


This game was a joint project between Zatos Hacks and Gaijin Productions, so I’ll put up my reflection on my half, and I guess Zatos can put his reflection next.

I don’t remember when I started this, but most likely sometime before I did Magical Chase GB. I was going through a Turbografx 16 hacking frenzy, making tables for many numerous games (mostly RPGs). Then it caught me that i probably don’t have the time or interest to actually sit down and work on a Turbo RPG (simply cuz a majority of them was just too difficult and had alot of battles).

However I really did have the urge to work on a Turbo game because I felt it was kind of an underdog genre in hacking, so I chose to do games with smaller amounts of text such as platformers. My first choice was Alice in Wonderdream, it can best be described as a mix between megaman and super mario bros. In where Alice can shoot stuff, charge up her shooting thing, climb ladders, as well as stomp on enemies.

After trying to edit some text to see if my table was correct, the game screwed my next choice was Dodge Danpei for the PCE, menu box was too small, not big enough to fit a translated name, so I didnt want to bother. Next was Super Dodgeball, i actually got far (using default fonts), but when i needed to add new fonts, the font graphics were compressed.

So next was Aoi blink. The game probably has one of the best graphics for a platformer on the Turbo16, it was also simple, relaxing, and most importantly, FUN! It also had compressed graphics but had all the fonts i needed and i could make a table out of it. Me and my translator look4sheep translated up to stage 4 or 5. However I only inserted bits and pieces. After a while..i simply lost interest and moved on to Magical Chase. Then came along Zatos who wanted to do a Turbo game himself, i then gave my works on to him..and I’ll let him continue with the 2nd half of reflection!