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Tashiro Masashi no Princess ga Ippai

10 November 2001 - Reflection by InVerse


Not much to say about this game. I stumbled across it on a ROM site and thought it was relatively fun because of the variety. The hacking was pretty simple, nothing nasty at all. This is a pretty boring reflection cuz I don’t really have anything to say. I should probably just shut up now but what good is a 3 sentence reflection?

I suppose I could talk about the title, even though I think I did that in the readme. The real title is Tashiro Masashi’s Lots of Princesses but that sounds stupid and almost nobody in America is going to know who Tashiro Masashi is anywayz. Plus, Lots of Princesses sounds awkward to me, so I started thinking of synonyms for “lots” and orgy immediately sprang to mind. Now, Orgy of Princesses sounds slightly better but not quite good enough. So how can we utilize the word orgy yet specify that it’s an orgy of princesses? We’ll change it to Princesstual Orgy because princesstual obviously means “pertaining to princesses” and thus a princesstual orgy is an orgy of princesses which means the same thing as lots of princesses. So, sorry to disappoint, no princesses were actually orgied during the hacking of this game. That doesn’t mean you can’t play it naked, however.