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Supergamerguy's Reviews
TypeTitleSubmitted ByTime
HacksImproves this Gameboy title by 200%Supergamerguy2022-06-08 20:39:22
HacksBoss Weaknesses and ReviewSupergamerguy2022-04-30 09:20:04
HacksNo reason to pass up this golden opportunitySupergamerguy2022-04-25 21:30:08
HacksVital for anyone looking to play Getsu Fuuma DenSupergamerguy2022-04-15 00:51:51
TranslationsA legendary translationSupergamerguy2022-04-14 19:45:25
HacksThat's So MetalSupergamerguy2022-04-13 19:35:46
HacksMega Man 3 perfected at lastSupergamerguy2022-03-20 22:15:06
HacksDie, eye strain! You don't belong in this world!Supergamerguy2022-03-13 00:27:09
HacksThese voices are music to my earsSupergamerguy2022-03-12 21:25:08
TranslationsThe gateway into a hidden gem from the Bomberman seriesSupergamerguy2022-02-18 16:42:40
HacksSome fun maps, but also several dudsSupergamerguy2022-02-18 16:42:13
HacksMade my favorite game of all time even betterSupergamerguy2022-01-23 20:21:58
HacksMakes this game finally worth playingSupergamerguy2022-01-17 20:44:40
HacksA much appreciated improvement for an otherwise bland gameSupergamerguy2022-01-17 12:12:18
HacksAlmost as good as Rockman 4 Minus Infinity, but has some difficulty issuesSupergamerguy2021-12-25 07:33:39
HacksThis translation is much appreciatedSupergamerguy2021-12-24 11:20:28
HacksMakes 3D Blast as lot better, but is missing one crucial featuresSupergamerguy2021-12-24 02:52:01
TranslationsA neat beat-em-up now playable in EnglishSupergamerguy2021-12-24 02:51:04
HacksThis hack goes "To Infinity........and Beyond!"Supergamerguy2021-11-29 06:31:36
HacksEnjoyed it more than Fight'N Rage itselfSupergamerguy2021-11-28 12:32:14
HacksAmazingly creative ideas with terrible executionSupergamerguy2021-11-28 02:13:02
HacksSmooth as silk......90% of the timeSupergamerguy2021-11-20 23:49:52
HacksAbsolutely beautifulSupergamerguy2021-11-17 16:57:53
HacksAn almost perfect Quality of Life hack with one huge issueSupergamerguy2021-11-14 12:05:31
HacksFirebrand: Smooth MovesSupergamerguy2021-11-13 22:01:50
HacksOne of the best Mario hacks ever made, and a truly loving tribute to the BeatlesSupergamerguy2021-11-07 20:25:27
HacksLooks great!Supergamerguy2021-10-31 21:04:28
HacksFull of wonderful referencesSupergamerguy2021-10-31 19:13:52
HacksA minor change, but a welcome oneSupergamerguy2021-10-31 00:38:42
TranslationsTranslation is a little stiff, but it gets the job doneSupergamerguy2021-10-30 09:20:23
HacksThe ultimate second questSupergamerguy2021-10-15 12:31:10
HacksMuch less tedious than grinding for cards, except for one card in particular.......Supergamerguy2021-10-15 10:25:07
HacksGotta Go FastSupergamerguy2021-10-15 08:46:27
HacksImmense funSupergamerguy2021-10-06 13:58:35
HacksWhat can I say that hasn't already been said?Supergamerguy2021-09-21 12:40:32
HacksNo reason to ever play the dull original againSupergamerguy2021-08-26 14:26:00
TranslationsLet me kinda understand what was going onSupergamerguy2021-08-26 09:13:19
HacksDelivered an Outstanding ExperienceSupergamerguy2021-08-24 06:16:08
HacksA great way to experience Batman the NES, but needing some color adjustmentSupergamerguy2021-08-23 07:21:44
HacksThe definitive F-Zero experience on GBASupergamerguy2021-08-17 22:07:34
TranslationsMade the menus easier to read, at leastSupergamerguy2021-08-16 20:48:57
TranslationsFeels like a real 80's action movieSupergamerguy2021-08-07 13:22:34
TranslationsContains some unreadable text, but the essentials are translatedSupergamerguy2021-08-06 06:01:38
TranslationsWell-worded and interestingSupergamerguy2021-08-04 10:27:02
HacksThe best way for Kunio-Kun enthusiasts to play RCRSupergamerguy2021-08-03 23:54:33
HacksCertainly Helpful, but not helpful enoughSupergamerguy2021-08-02 19:11:21
TranslationsA superb translation projectSupergamerguy2021-07-30 23:18:44
HacksA simple effort, but much appreciatedSupergamerguy2021-07-29 13:07:09
HacksThis should be the version everybody playsSupergamerguy2021-07-29 13:06:44
HacksThe only way to play Castlevania the AdventureSupergamerguy2021-07-29 10:23:20
TranslationsA good translation with an cumbersome added detailSupergamerguy2021-07-28 18:02:47
HacksNever would have played SMB Special without this port/hackSupergamerguy2021-07-24 10:48:23
HomebrewAn impressive and fun homebrew game, but not without its flawsSupergamerguy2021-07-16 17:57:23
HacksTruly a labor of loveSupergamerguy2021-07-15 14:03:22
HacksIt's just plain helpfulSupergamerguy2021-07-11 21:54:41
HacksThe best Streets of Rage hack ever madeSupergamerguy2021-07-08 14:13:16
HacksMakes the game look phenominal!Supergamerguy2021-07-03 21:42:36
HacksMakes Metroid 1 finally worth playingSupergamerguy2021-07-02 21:45:09
HacksMakes a garbage game somewhat playableSupergamerguy2021-06-22 13:27:04
HacksIt's an okay hackSupergamerguy2021-06-14 09:22:42
HacksMakes X5 a playable experienceSupergamerguy2021-06-14 07:49:51
HacksCapcom would be proudSupergamerguy2021-03-14 17:27:45
UtilitiesNot very usefulSupergamerguy2021-03-14 17:22:30
UtilitiesEssential for beginner hackingSupergamerguy2021-03-14 07:27:43
UtilitiesMakes this editor actually usable nowSupergamerguy2021-03-13 22:24:03
UtilitiesInvaluable for Precise Text EditingSupergamerguy2021-03-13 17:01:46
UtilitiesStill RelevantSupergamerguy2021-03-13 16:56:54
HacksDo not play this game any other waySupergamerguy2021-03-07 16:55:13
UtilitiesAlmost perfect, but missing one crucial featureSupergamerguy2021-02-07 01:00:37
UtilitiesOne of the best hacking editors out thereSupergamerguy2021-02-07 00:15:50
UtilitiesA simple, but useful text editorSupergamerguy2021-02-06 16:39:13
HacksNot too shabbySupergamerguy2021-01-14 21:51:13
HacksThe best ROMHack ever madeSupergamerguy2020-12-07 15:10:13
HacksNever play as X againSupergamerguy2020-12-07 15:05:36
HacksSaves you lots of damageSupergamerguy2020-12-04 10:14:52
HacksNever play the original game againSupergamerguy2020-12-04 10:14:25
HacksA good start to a good hackSupergamerguy2020-11-01 00:34:46
TranslationsThe best way to play Gen 1!Supergamerguy2020-10-30 21:38:38
HacksMakes me wish for a full game!Supergamerguy2020-08-08 13:13:42
TranslationsI can finally read the menus nowSupergamerguy2020-08-03 00:20:20
HacksCould've have been an official Nintendo productSupergamerguy2020-08-02 23:30:48
HacksMakes the experience much betterSupergamerguy2020-08-02 21:03:29
HacksReally amazing idea, just not to it's full potential yetSupergamerguy2020-08-02 12:28:19
TranslationsMega Man, Today We Finish This (Game)!Supergamerguy2020-08-02 11:14:25
HacksFeels unfinished and needs some level design touch upsSupergamerguy2020-08-01 22:52:20
HacksMakes the Title Screen alone one of the best pieces of Mega Man musicSupergamerguy2020-08-01 21:38:04
TranslationsBetter than the official localizationSupergamerguy2020-08-01 14:57:29
TranslationsA door to one of the best Bomberman games!Supergamerguy2020-08-01 14:35:14
HacksA surprise to be sure, but a welcome oneSupergamerguy2020-08-01 00:25:30
HacksVery underrated and needs more attentionSupergamerguy2020-07-28 08:38:51
HacksThe only reason to revisit the original Kirby's DreamlandSupergamerguy2020-07-28 08:29:25
HacksA lot harder, but still very fun for SMK fansSupergamerguy2020-07-27 11:41:21
HacksA good idea that was pretty fun, but could be a whole lot better.......Supergamerguy2020-07-26 23:34:58
HacksAn amazing tribute to Mario and Mega ManSupergamerguy2020-07-26 16:39:45
HacksThe best version of Sonic 1 and an amazing improvement to Sonic 2Supergamerguy2020-07-26 11:24:21
HacksA truly great novelty!Supergamerguy2020-07-24 21:19:03
HacksThe Ultimate Way to Play the Wily WarsSupergamerguy2020-07-24 13:56:06
HacksVastly improved the experienceSupergamerguy2020-07-24 13:06:50