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diablo666's Reviews
TypeTitleSubmitted ByTime
HacksI watched it...diablo6662020-07-04 14:31:07
HacksA mix of games...diablo6662020-07-04 14:30:14
HacksThey lied about it being the final version...diablo6662020-07-03 14:26:33
HacksRefreshingdiablo6662020-07-03 14:25:29
HacksIdeas are interestingdiablo6662020-06-20 09:19:18
HacksWhen a hack is better than the originaldiablo6662020-06-20 09:18:19
HacksSomething that has two faces. How strange is this?diablo6662020-06-14 09:15:46
HacksIs he worthy of praise or not, at one time?diablo6662020-06-13 08:44:58
HacksUnfinished work. And this is real ...diablo6662020-06-13 08:43:22
HacksTwo functions works, but...diablo6662020-06-06 17:58:55
HacksGraphics-there are no changes, BUT....diablo6662020-05-30 15:22:20
HacksGraphics - there are no changes, BUT....diablo6662020-05-30 15:22:04
HacksMario 3 Megamix! 10/10diablo6662020-04-26 10:29:45
UtilitiesValuable as golddiablo6662020-04-12 20:57:43
HacksA decent hack, even for twodiablo6662020-04-12 20:57:14
HacksThe third pancake is NO longer a lumpdiablo6662020-04-09 09:06:30
HacksHack on a pony... What have we come to…diablo6662020-04-05 23:40:18
HacksEverything is clear and point-by-pointdiablo6662020-04-02 09:11:15
HacksAbout the hack - let's say, point by point.diablo6662020-04-01 10:51:07
HacksGreat ideadiablo6662020-04-01 10:50:49
HacksThis hack gave an impetus to another projectdiablo6662020-04-01 09:54:48
Hacksnow I understand...diablo6662020-04-01 09:43:16
HacksFor beginners-good, but for...diablo6662020-03-28 11:11:17
HacksEXCELLENT, but Not Perfectdiablo6662020-03-27 18:04:12
HacksPuzzle in Mario? Interesting ideadiablo6662020-03-27 18:03:52
HacksHack for ProtoMandiablo6662020-03-15 23:04:24
HacksReally "REVENGE"diablo6662020-03-15 02:24:29
HacksAdditional featurediablo6662020-03-14 14:47:29
HacksAdditional fixes to the main hackdiablo6662020-03-14 14:47:05
HacksThis is a good "remake" of the originaldiablo6662020-03-14 02:55:46
HacksThe hack is not complete, BUT...diablo6662020-03-12 23:14:30
HacksThis hack - could be good...diablo6662020-03-12 23:14:05
HacksThis is "really necessary"diablo6662020-03-12 00:19:53
HacksThe hack that surpriseddiablo6662020-03-12 00:19:08
HacksSuper Mario Crossover???diablo6662020-03-10 19:09:17
HacksIt seems nothing unusual, but...diablo6662020-03-10 19:08:40
HacksKaizo for beginners...diablo6662020-03-09 17:13:15
Hackswhen I played this...diablo6662020-03-09 17:12:50
HacksSmall bugs, but...diablo6662020-03-05 10:13:17
HacksSecond pen test, right?diablo6662020-03-04 22:35:08
HacksThe hack is pretty good!diablo6662020-03-03 12:32:51
HacksWorthy changesdiablo6662020-03-03 11:32:38
HacksYES THIS is a "MEGAMAN" in its purest form!!!diablo6662020-03-03 11:32:03
HacksHACK - Remix - Challengediablo6662020-02-29 13:55:41
HacksIt could be ...diablo6662020-02-17 11:36:50
HacksA great addition to the main hackdiablo6662020-02-16 10:41:55
HacksTurning into a multiplayer gamediablo6662020-02-16 10:41:50
HacksTHIS is more than a hack!diablo6662020-01-26 10:24:36
HacksTo change an unfair difficulty...diablo6662020-01-26 09:05:33
HacksOther feelings from Arkanoiddiablo6662020-01-03 22:44:33
HacksNot fairdiablo6662020-01-03 22:44:12
HacksOh, my God!diablo6662020-01-03 22:43:39
Hacks2020 boss :)diablo6662020-01-03 22:42:18
HacksFew stages of the boss, but fun.diablo6662020-01-03 22:42:16
HacksA combination of games, however...diablo6662020-01-03 22:42:14
HacksYear after year, but the boss is interestingdiablo6662020-01-03 22:42:11
HacksYear by year, but the Boss is interestingdiablo6662020-01-03 22:42:09
HacksInteresting hackdiablo6662020-01-03 19:34:50
HacksAnother crossover, but an interestingdiablo6662019-12-21 01:42:40
HacksA fresh look at MM3diablo6662019-12-21 01:42:29
HacksMM4V. It is perfectly. More than just a hackdiablo6662019-12-04 11:01:44
HacksFIXED! It is playablediablo6662019-12-01 09:53:57
HacksRockman CX - more than a hackdiablo6662019-12-01 09:07:28