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StarWyvern's Reviews
TypeTitleSubmitted ByTime
HacksMost Extensive POR Hack to Date!StarWyvern2021-09-07 13:16:13
HacksGreatest DS Castlevania to Date!StarWyvern2021-04-27 19:26:10
HacksUnfinishable Hack.StarWyvern2020-07-16 17:25:14
HacksWorth the wait.StarWyvern2020-04-30 17:32:09
HacksLoved it!StarWyvern2020-04-17 10:21:15
HacksHuh. How about that.StarWyvern2020-01-06 05:47:42
HacksX is not dead.StarWyvern2020-01-06 05:47:26
HacksHoly Pumpkin Charlie Brown!StarWyvern2020-01-06 05:47:09
HacksNot quite the original.StarWyvern2020-01-06 05:46:42
HacksWanna go again?StarWyvern2020-01-06 05:46:31
HacksShallow Freeze?StarWyvern2020-01-06 05:46:06
HacksCould be better.StarWyvern2019-12-26 22:37:33
HacksMORE! MORE!StarWyvern2019-12-17 10:38:18
HacksNew feel...StarWyvern2019-12-17 10:37:20
HacksGreat rework.StarWyvern2019-12-17 10:36:48
HacksLoved it.StarWyvern2019-12-17 10:36:30
HacksHard.StarWyvern2019-12-17 02:29:02
HacksBest Castlevania for GBA! Hands Down.StarWyvern2019-12-16 20:05:24
HacksSpeed Runner's Delight!StarWyvern2019-12-16 20:05:11
HacksGreat Concept.StarWyvern2019-12-16 20:04:58
HacksBetter than Alfred.StarWyvern2019-12-16 09:32:56
HacksWHY!!!StarWyvern2019-12-16 03:55:05
HacksNot done.StarWyvern2019-12-16 03:54:31
HacksCotM Fans REJOICE!StarWyvern2019-12-16 03:53:40
HacksThis Castle is a Creature of Chaos...StarWyvern2019-12-16 03:53:05
HacksSOTN 2 Anyone?StarWyvern2019-12-16 03:52:12
HacksBetter. Very much Better...StarWyvern2019-12-16 03:51:45
HacksGood. Very Good...StarWyvern2019-12-16 03:51:25
HacksAmazing!StarWyvern2019-12-16 03:50:43
HacksGood But...StarWyvern2019-12-16 03:50:16
HacksNew Characters? HECKS YEAH!!!!StarWyvern2019-12-16 03:49:52