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hmsong's Reviews
TypeTitleSubmitted ByTime
TranslationsThe better version is this.hmsong2022-04-05 02:10:54
TranslationsGreat start (but obviously incomplete, as stated)hmsong2022-03-15 00:50:56
HacksSeriously, the sheer marvel...hmsong2022-01-22 07:44:17
HacksAwesomehmsong2022-01-20 23:55:55
TranslationsGood trans, but...hmsong2021-12-30 18:21:43
TranslationsYes!!hmsong2021-12-26 07:29:11
TranslationsGreat game, one of the worse Tales game.hmsong2021-12-23 08:27:40
HacksA must.hmsong2021-11-05 10:20:54
HacksBeautifulhmsong2021-09-11 19:40:56
TranslationsNice. Not quite complete, but nice.hmsong2021-04-08 09:48:22
UtilitiesGood stuffhmsong2020-11-30 20:52:52
HacksYayhmsong2019-10-30 01:44:46
HacksFunny titlehmsong2019-10-30 01:41:23
HacksGood stuffhmsong2019-10-13 03:55:12
HacksUse thishmsong2019-10-13 03:53:37
HacksWrong!!hmsong2019-09-07 10:58:28
HacksMixed feelinghmsong2019-08-29 04:50:13
HacksNeeds workhmsong2019-08-29 03:32:56
HacksMixed feelinghmsong2019-08-28 07:11:39
HacksNot recommendedhmsong2019-08-28 07:07:09
HacksNeathmsong2019-08-28 07:01:00
HacksPretty much necessaryhmsong2019-08-28 06:59:41
HacksRecommendedhmsong2019-08-28 06:58:16
HacksThis is actually pretty goodhmsong2019-08-28 06:56:29
HacksGreat!!hmsong2019-08-28 06:54:40
HacksA bit overkiillhmsong2019-08-28 06:51:20
HacksGreat Stuffhmsong2019-08-28 06:47:39