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Apocalypse612's Reviews
TypeTitleSubmitted ByTime
HacksAmazing! Fixes a poor Jap to Eng port main problemApocalypse6122021-03-02 23:07:13
HacksThe Definitive Way To Play Arcana (Card Master)Apocalypse6122019-11-24 18:04:03
HacksYes, it NOW works on real hardware.Apocalypse6122019-11-12 11:30:08
TranslationsExcellent translation!Apocalypse6122019-11-03 00:49:12
TranslationsSome areas are a bit buggy, but overall 100% RECOMMENDED!Apocalypse6122019-10-18 09:41:11
TranslationsA fun and querky RPG that we never got in AmericaApocalypse6122019-10-01 06:54:24
UtilitiesSuper easy! Super AWESOME!Apocalypse6122019-05-22 18:30:26
HacksHoly balls, this actually makes the game PLAYABLE!!Apocalypse6122019-05-22 18:30:03
HacksCool, but you made a typo.Apocalypse6122019-05-14 18:18:00
HacksScrew the original NTSC-U/C Release, this is the way to play Ninja GaideN III.Apocalypse6122019-05-07 08:49:37
TranslationsStardust Crusaders knocked it out of the park!Apocalypse6122019-04-22 07:20:19
HacksExcellent Patch! Still some left over delay of the old system, though.Apocalypse6122019-04-11 07:41:45
TranslationsAmazing. THANK YOU!Apocalypse6122019-04-05 07:32:00