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Eldrethor's Reviews
TypeTitleSubmitted ByTime
HacksA Much-Needed Fresh Coat of PaintEldrethor2021-08-04 16:06:00
HacksLost, No MoreEldrethor2021-08-03 18:07:05
HacksSets The Difficulty To Very Very Very Easy ModeEldrethor2021-07-31 10:35:56
HacksA Much Smoother ExperienceEldrethor2021-07-26 15:08:55
TranslationsA Solid Step Up From Vice TranslationsEldrethor2021-07-19 09:54:44
TranslationsTruly A Labor of LoveEldrethor2021-06-29 22:02:40
HacksYou Just 1-Upped NintendoEldrethor2021-06-25 11:30:06
HacksYou WinEldrethor2021-06-17 07:03:14
HacksA Much Smoother ExperienceEldrethor2021-06-15 18:06:22
HacksWorks But Presentation Is Horribly SloppyEldrethor2021-04-20 15:29:06
HacksNow You're Playing With Power. Turtle Power!Eldrethor2021-03-25 20:10:22
HacksGame-Changing Goodness But Needs More Pizza HutEldrethor2021-03-22 06:22:12
HacksExcellent Hack That's Hard To AppreciateEldrethor2021-03-20 18:55:46
HacksA Great Way To Explorer And Not Repeat StagesEldrethor2021-03-01 13:34:18
TranslationsNot Game-Changing But Nice To HaveEldrethor2021-02-25 15:16:10
TranslationsWorth A Shot But Know What You're GettingEldrethor2021-02-24 00:13:25
HacksNot Digging Second Strike But Loving ProtomanEldrethor2021-02-18 17:22:21
HacksBossa Nova!Eldrethor2021-02-16 09:51:04
HacksWork Like A CharmEldrethor2020-11-09 12:49:16
HacksCan't Ever Go Back To The OriginalEldrethor2020-09-11 15:57:21
TranslationsCouldn't Ask For MoreEldrethor2020-06-30 11:02:45
TranslationsAs Authentic As It Gets!Eldrethor2020-05-01 02:34:43
TranslationsDated But Still Worth A SpinEldrethor2020-04-25 09:36:07
HacksDefinitely Easier On The EarsEldrethor2020-04-18 01:28:24
HacksNever mind a hack. This is a brand new game!Eldrethor2020-04-03 01:32:21
HacksMakes An Intolerable Game Much More TolerableEldrethor2020-03-17 14:28:22
HacksCowabunga!Eldrethor2019-12-01 19:19:36
HacksNot A Flawless Victory But It's SolidEldrethor2019-11-30 20:26:05
HacksNot Perfect But Not A Catastrophe EitherEldrethor2019-05-02 19:56:30
HacksGame-Breaking But Feels Oh So GoodEldrethor2019-03-14 07:35:31
TranslationsNot Perfect But Still GoodEldrethor2019-03-10 08:12:56
HacksDashing Has Never Felt BetterEldrethor2019-03-06 07:14:03
HacksNot As Significant As The First But Still GoodEldrethor2019-01-22 22:15:07
HacksMakes All The DifferenceEldrethor2019-01-09 07:39:26
TranslationsThumbs Up To A High-Grade TranslationEldrethor2019-01-01 03:09:08
TranslationsProfessional!Eldrethor2018-12-29 02:28:27
HacksNot My Cup Of Tea But Worth A TryEldrethor2018-12-29 02:27:26
HacksNot Just a Castlevania HackEldrethor2018-12-03 09:30:28
HacksTo This Hack, I Say "Toasty!"Eldrethor2018-11-27 08:41:05
HacksNot Game-Changing But Nice To HaveEldrethor2018-11-16 03:33:11
HomebrewMusic To My Ears. Literally.Eldrethor2018-11-10 02:36:20
HacksMy Wildest Dreams Come TrueEldrethor2018-10-24 08:03:46
HacksLots Of Spills And Laughs For TwoEldrethor2018-10-22 08:03:28
HacksA Neat Idea But Poor ExecutionEldrethor2018-10-16 13:32:21
HacksA Huge Game-ChangerEldrethor2018-10-06 07:24:31
HacksUndoubtedly The Hack of the Year, 2018Eldrethor2018-07-23 03:43:14
HacksSmall Fix, Huge SignificanceEldrethor2018-03-07 20:48:47
TranslationsGreat Translation But UX Needs WorkEldrethor2018-03-04 00:43:08
HacksNot Much More Than A Pointless Pallet SwapEldrethor2018-02-27 07:44:18
HacksAn Even More Complete Experience Than The Arcade VersionEldrethor2018-02-27 07:41:22
HacksHuge Improvement But Not Without A Few QuirksEldrethor2018-02-26 06:22:44
HacksLive Up To That "Ultimate" TitleEldrethor2018-02-23 06:50:17
HacksAbsolutely The Definitive Version of Megaman 3Eldrethor2018-02-17 00:46:31