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jm102887's Reviews
TypeTitleSubmitted ByTime
HacksAKA The Shooty-Floaty One!jm1028872020-11-09 08:43:01
Hacks575 Missiles is NOT Overkill! It's Practical!jm1028872020-11-09 06:55:10
HacksBoldly goes...and does pretty dang good! 8Djm1028872020-10-20 07:06:04
HacksBeing bad never felt so good!jm1028872020-05-24 11:04:20
HacksHow I feel it should have been (Rebalance only!)jm1028872020-05-24 09:25:23
HacksIt's alright, but....jm1028872020-05-20 19:43:52
HacksExactly as advertisedjm1028872020-02-18 15:24:34
HacksA new hack and a new hero step up....jm1028872020-02-11 10:03:05
HacksFreaky, but a fun, short thingjm1028872020-02-11 09:51:17
HacksAKA Super Metroid: Feelin Blue!jm1028872020-02-08 23:36:43
HacksPast and present meet with a bang...jm1028872020-02-05 18:11:48
HacksPETA Samus to the rescue!jm1028872020-02-03 08:42:47
HacksFeels like a completely different gamejm1028872020-01-29 05:19:47's a THING.....!jm1028872020-01-26 08:50:08
HacksFor specific players only, read why in review.jm1028872020-01-25 12:07:09
HacksA nice new take on the SMW experiencejm1028872020-01-23 21:04:49
HacksDon't let him fool you, the story is fun!jm1028872020-01-21 15:28:23
HacksA Fun Little Romp, But Harder Than You Think...jm1028872020-01-18 04:38:35
HacksMore like AoS 2.0 if you ask me :Pjm1028872020-01-15 10:16:03
HacksTHIS is how you remake a Classic!jm1028872020-01-14 11:03:04
HacksVast Improvement Over Other One...jm1028872019-07-26 09:09:29
HacksZ-Factor AKA "WHERE AM I GOING!?" 8Djm1028872019-03-18 04:21:37
HacksVery much a Short But Sweetjm1028872018-03-12 08:25:33
HacksOh dear...jm1028872018-01-17 02:03:47
HacksMOSTLY Good, But....jm1028872018-01-14 00:53:08
HacksA worthy sequel ^_^jm1028872017-10-31 01:55:05
HacksHoly CRAP is this hard!jm1028872017-06-16 04:16:13
HacksGreat, but very difficultjm1028872017-03-09 20:23:05