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Diddy64wii's Reviews
TypeTitleSubmitted ByTime
HacksNot outstanding, but still enjoyable.Diddy64wii2021-08-07 21:34:45
HacksNot flawless, but still very well-madeDiddy64wii2021-05-07 18:46:22
HacksMM9&10's Endless Mode for MM4? Sign me up!Diddy64wii2021-05-07 18:43:38
HacksA must-have for most European playersDiddy64wii2021-05-07 00:23:40
HacksIt does the job, and I'm fine with thatDiddy64wii2021-05-06 18:36:41
HacksChallenging, but goofyDiddy64wii2021-05-06 17:36:23
HacksCheap, unpolished and unfun.Diddy64wii2019-12-16 03:55:51
HacksShort, but sweet.Diddy64wii2019-12-15 23:29:16
Hacks"Balanced and tested". Yeah, sure...Diddy64wii2018-12-06 08:21:54
HacksNot perfect, but still impressive.Diddy64wii2018-10-19 18:34:38
HacksAlmost two years...for something below-average.Diddy64wii2018-10-19 18:34:01
HacksBarely better than Rockman 4 EX. "Barely" being the key word here.Diddy64wii2018-07-08 21:34:20
HacksTrial & Error level-design + B.S. enemy placement? No thanks.Diddy64wii2018-05-15 09:11:00
HacksPAL translations + NTSC frequency? Pretty rad.Diddy64wii2018-01-01 04:16:39
HacksMega Man CX tried to be like Mega Man X. Grey Mega Man ain't Mega Man X.Diddy64wii2018-01-01 04:16:17
HacksTHIS is what the original game needed.Diddy64wii2017-02-26 00:16:42
HacksYup, it's hard...for the wrong reasons.Diddy64wii2017-02-04 23:55:10
HacksPoorly designed from beginning to end.Diddy64wii2017-01-23 21:14:27