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bogaabogaa's Reviews
TypeTitleSubmitted ByTime
HacksLet's learn to spellbogaabogaa2018-08-30 07:16:38
HacksThe best Castlevania hack I have played so farbogaabogaa2017-12-08 21:34:32
HacksCould be a great sequel to Castlevania back in the daybogaabogaa2017-08-05 00:13:01
HacksA average hack with a little decay in the second halfbogaabogaa2017-08-04 08:22:18
HacksFeels like a whole new game with some flawsbogaabogaa2017-08-03 21:55:22
HacksGreat hack like the orginal but differentbogaabogaa2017-08-03 21:54:13
HacksDecent hack with some issuesbogaabogaa2017-07-31 07:07:13
HacksCharacter Control feels great!bogaabogaa2017-07-28 07:04:13
HacksA great challenge and to who I recommend this hackbogaabogaa2017-07-12 04:35:03