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  • Credits
    MottZilla is credited in the description, so I figure it made sense to add them to the actual list of credits. (I also gave some info on what Ar8temis008 did, even if it's obvious.)
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    Updated description to match README and providing better screenshots. No code changes.
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    Fixing submission author
  • Credits
    Added author. Removed ALXR and Ti, they are NOT directly involved in this hack, so they should not be credited; they are Special Thanks, which are not also creditable.
Griever_GF's Reviews
TypeTitleSubmitted ByTime
TranslationsA great translation with a little bit of untranslated text here and there.Griever_GF2019-12-05 18:43:06
TranslationsA good translation with the one small omissionGriever_GF2019-12-05 12:36:44
TranslationsA really good translationGriever_GF2019-12-05 10:39:20
TranslationsA little bit sloppy, but reliableGriever_GF2019-11-24 21:42:01
TranslationsPlayable, but has minor issuesGriever_GF2019-11-06 18:12:16
TranslationsSolid TranslationGriever_GF2018-10-15 00:54:08
TranslationsPlayable, but translation quality is pretty bad.Griever_GF2017-01-08 03:34:03
TranslationsExcellent qualityGriever_GF2017-01-07 00:02:46
TranslationsAlmost without bugsGriever_GF2017-01-07 00:02:07
TranslationsHas problems, but beatableGriever_GF2016-12-18 10:19:00