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puzzledude's Reviews
TypeTitleSubmitted ByTime
HacksWell worth another playpuzzledude2017-05-20 00:40:27
HacksMinor changespuzzledude2017-05-20 00:39:36
HacksWell portedpuzzledude2017-01-29 21:09:50
HacksA must havepuzzledude2017-01-29 21:04:57
HacksMinor changepuzzledude2017-01-29 21:04:10
HacksGood jobpuzzledude2017-01-29 21:03:18
HacksA clumsy drawn spritepuzzledude2017-01-29 21:02:06
HacksMinor changespuzzledude2016-10-30 00:15:47
HacksExcellentpuzzledude2016-10-30 00:13:13
HacksNo longer necessarypuzzledude2016-10-30 00:12:56
HacksFantastic new featurespuzzledude2015-01-19 19:59:01
HacksMuch betterpuzzledude2014-04-08 14:20:39
HacksA one minute hackpuzzledude2014-02-24 16:31:37
HacksNice remodel, but too much bugs and cursingpuzzledude2014-02-24 16:30:48
HacksA five minute sprite hackpuzzledude2014-02-24 16:30:12
HacksSenseless cursingpuzzledude2014-02-24 16:29:37
HacksNothing new and glitchedpuzzledude2014-02-24 16:29:10
HacksInteresting new featurepuzzledude2014-02-24 16:28:21
HacksMaster Hackpuzzledude2010-10-22 10:27:57