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xZabuzax's Reviews
TypeTitleSubmitted ByTime
HacksAwesome Hack!xZabuzax2022-04-12 00:02:02
TranslationsAwesome game!xZabuzax2021-11-19 08:37:57
HacksAwesome hack!xZabuzax2021-11-11 06:53:28
TranslationsIt's a pretty nice game with a pretty good translationxZabuzax2020-12-14 17:53:04
HacksAwesome hack!xZabuzax2020-10-12 04:04:27
HacksNah, this isn't an improvement of the game, this just makes the game easierxZabuzax2020-04-01 10:50:14
HacksMixed feelings about this hack...xZabuzax2018-12-07 20:50:27