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hdofu's Reviews
TypeTitleSubmitted ByTime
HacksDoesn’t really make a big difference as sprite is still malehdofu2021-06-06 21:33:06
HacksLink to the past has many hacks.hdofu2020-11-02 22:08:37
HacksTheres a reason this has been called the best Super Mario Bros 3 hack ever.hdofu2020-11-02 21:17:08
TranslationsThe Hack I have been waiting forhdofu2020-10-31 22:13:05
HacksUnless you have a day devoted to beating through 3 and a 1/2 mega man games in one gohdofu2020-10-31 22:12:25
HacksFixes a game breaking bug with the soundhdofu2020-04-17 10:03:11
HacksLooks and sounds good but gameplay hindered by ambitious handicaphdofu2020-03-12 00:18:23
TranslationsMake sure you have the right filehdofu2019-08-06 13:47:30
Hacks1 hit killshdofu2018-03-07 02:39:04
HacksMakes the game perfect in emulationhdofu2016-04-02 00:04:13