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Recca's Reviews
TypeTitleSubmitted ByTime
HacksBetter than the original versionRecca2019-12-10 03:31:53
HacksA decent Fire Emblem hackRecca2019-11-30 10:29:03
HacksBeyond AmazingRecca2018-12-16 20:27:57
HomebrewA simple, but fun game.Recca2018-09-12 20:12:37
HacksShort, but enjoyableRecca2018-06-12 00:45:53
HacksAn amazing idea well implementedRecca2018-04-26 08:28:32
TranslationsA great translation for a great gameRecca2018-04-26 08:27:51
HacksA masterful Fire Emblem hack.Recca2017-12-21 09:16:32
HacksAnother great Fire Emblem hack!Recca2017-07-30 20:07:40
HacksDefinitely makes the game more playable.Recca2017-02-24 07:12:35
HacksDefinitely worth playing.Recca2016-10-02 20:29:55
HacksOne of the best ROM hacks! 5/5 stars!Recca2014-12-29 11:58:30
UtilitiesA simple, but effective text editor.Recca2009-10-03 09:50:25