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thunder135's Reviews
TypeTitleSubmitted ByTime
HacksThe Patcher64 Tool is the Best Part!thunder1352021-03-12 19:56:51
HacksA Fun Way to Replay Mario 64!thunder1352021-02-08 18:48:18
HacksExactly What I Wanted!thunder1352020-05-21 17:43:35
HacksDoes not work on real hardwarethunder1352020-04-11 13:54:17
HacksRefreshing – be careful with passwordsthunder1352019-10-26 20:21:25
HacksA Fantastic New Game That Feels Like the Originalthunder1352017-11-10 02:41:28
HacksFavors Showy Graphics and Mechanics at the Cost of Funthunder1352017-01-29 21:02:29
HacksCrashes on Real Hardwarethunder1352017-01-29 20:58:56
HacksFun, Challenging, and Doable on Real Hardwarethunder1352017-01-29 20:58:30