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Ligeia's Reviews
TypeTitleSubmitted ByTime
HacksOne of the best hacks everLigeia2021-06-09 18:03:53
HacksNicely done but a bit too difficultLigeia2021-01-09 08:32:23
HacksOne of the best SMB3 hacksLigeia2021-01-07 09:33:45
HacksWhy fix what ain't broken ?Ligeia2021-01-06 03:32:16
HacksSuper Mario World : Clash of the ColorsLigeia2020-12-11 01:27:53
HacksAbsolutely greatLigeia2020-11-29 10:11:08
HacksA very promising hack but difficulty curve issuesLigeia2020-11-26 12:23:41
HacksNot enough new content to keep me goingLigeia2020-04-15 23:12:42
HacksFinally this was done !Ligeia2019-12-11 07:30:08
HacksDoes exactly what it saysLigeia2019-04-25 08:57:37
HacksThe hack of my dreamsLigeia2018-01-11 09:03:55
HacksAbsolutely awesomeLigeia2014-12-12 21:04:32
HacksA great hack making a gamer's dream come true !Ligeia2014-11-19 23:28:19
HacksVery well doneLigeia2014-10-26 03:07:53
HacksPlay this hack now !Ligeia2014-09-17 18:14:25
HacksToo difficultLigeia2012-12-04 00:37:20
HacksToo frustratingLigeia2010-10-22 22:44:55
HacksA very nice hack but a little too difficultLigeia2010-10-22 18:42:15
HacksGreat hack !Ligeia2010-10-22 14:30:13
HacksA nice hack which adds to the originalLigeia2010-10-22 14:29:39