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Greyfox's Reviews
TypeTitleSubmitted ByTime
TranslationsOne of the most smart hackersGreyfox2016-08-01 21:15:46
HacksInspiring, exciting, AMAZING!Greyfox2016-01-07 14:23:16
HacksThe way that it should be!Greyfox2016-01-06 09:37:35
HacksA must have for hackersGreyfox2016-01-05 15:41:34
HacksIt gives a fresh look!Greyfox2016-01-05 13:37:40
HacksMegaman reloaded for real!Greyfox2016-01-03 16:46:50
HacksCan you do that with Galaga too??Greyfox2016-01-03 11:42:10
HacksIt seems simple but makes it fresh!Greyfox2016-01-03 11:37:29
HacksGood hackGreyfox2016-01-03 11:15:59
HacksTwo major bug fixesGreyfox2016-01-03 11:06:43
HacksGreat bug fix!Greyfox2016-01-03 10:59:49
HacksGood revisionGreyfox2016-01-03 10:09:37
DocumentsIt deserves to be updatedGreyfox2016-01-03 10:08:01
DocumentsIt is a good document based on SNESGreyfox2016-01-02 18:26:49
DocumentsFor advance usersGreyfox2016-01-02 11:26:34
HacksAwesome castlevania 2 hackGreyfox2016-01-02 07:35:05
HacksGreat revival of the gameGreyfox2016-01-02 07:32:24