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    I added a custom title for those who play their backups on USBLoaderGX on Wii and Wii U onto the GameTBD site. That's why I wanted to add that so people who know about it.
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    The new mod version.
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    Editing outdated link to instead point to NBA Jam 2k20 TE beta not currently on RHDN site.
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    a lot of modifications
MathUser2929's Reviews
TypeTitleSubmitted ByTime
HacksGood hack.MathUser29292019-10-14 02:38:20
HacksWell put together hackMathUser29292017-06-15 23:52:18
HacksGood attemptMathUser29292017-05-31 20:47:22
HacksThis is a good hackMathUser29292017-04-06 20:59:54
HacksGood little patchMathUser29292017-01-27 17:13:39
HacksReally good changeMathUser29292017-01-27 17:10:38
HacksOk effort, not beatable.MathUser29292017-01-08 03:34:29
HacksGood for it's timeMathUser29292016-11-06 15:49:50
HacksWhat's changed is goodMathUser29292016-11-06 15:49:34
HacksNice featureMathUser29292016-11-06 15:49:23
HacksGood hackMathUser29292016-11-06 15:49:07
HacksNice hackMathUser29292016-10-27 20:04:56
HacksOk, but extra effort to patch = -1 pointMathUser29292016-07-10 06:22:47
UtilitiesIt's okMathUser29292016-06-30 01:06:00
UtilitiesWorks fineMathUser29292016-06-28 14:40:50
UtilitiesGood for meMathUser29292016-06-22 18:13:33
HacksGood hack overallMathUser29292016-06-22 18:13:15
HacksGreat hackMathUser29292016-06-19 20:34:43
HacksGreat hackMathUser29292016-06-19 08:48:58
HacksMuch less punishingMathUser29292016-06-13 20:51:41
HacksA very good hackMathUser29292016-06-13 20:50:58
HacksJust the way it should have been.MathUser29292016-06-13 20:50:45
HacksWhat a fun hackMathUser29292016-06-13 20:50:31
HacksBest DD hack ever....MathUser29292016-06-12 09:11:40
Hacks2nd best way to play the gameMathUser29292016-06-10 07:20:08
HacksPretty good hackMathUser29292016-06-10 07:19:37
HacksAnother in the seriesMathUser29292016-06-10 07:19:14
HacksAdmirable hackMathUser29292016-06-10 07:18:49
HacksGreat challengesMathUser29292016-06-09 21:17:21
HacksGood hackMathUser29292016-06-09 21:17:07
HacksNot badMathUser29292016-06-09 21:16:29
HacksBefore Sonic CD (2011) there was this...MathUser29292016-06-09 21:16:11
HacksThis is pretty neatMathUser29292016-06-09 21:15:44
HacksWierd soundsMathUser29292016-06-09 21:15:20
HacksVery useful hackMathUser29292016-06-09 21:15:08
HacksInteresting hackMathUser29292016-06-09 21:14:50
HacksAn ok hackMathUser29292016-06-09 21:14:31
HacksGreat hackMathUser29292016-06-09 07:54:37
HacksPretty goodMathUser29292016-06-09 06:43:25
HacksProbably the best of the "beta content" Sonic 2 hacksMathUser29292016-06-09 06:42:59
HacksWeird musicMathUser29292016-06-09 06:42:35
HacksSonic Classic Heroes 1.0MathUser29292016-06-09 06:42:12
HacksThis is a great hackMathUser29292016-06-09 06:41:43
HacksNot so greatMathUser29292016-06-09 06:41:25
HacksJust like modern Sonics moveMathUser29292016-06-09 06:40:35
HacksClassic Amy Returns!MathUser29292016-06-09 06:40:18
HacksAdding a time attack is niceMathUser29292016-06-09 06:39:52
HacksThis really is how it should have been.MathUser29292016-06-09 06:39:34
HacksFunny hackMathUser29292016-06-08 20:41:56
HacksUse of prototype stuff is awesome!MathUser29292016-06-08 20:41:11
HacksThis hack is niceMathUser29292016-06-08 20:40:05
HacksInteresting noveltyMathUser29292016-06-08 20:39:48
HacksReally original ideaMathUser29292016-06-08 20:39:40
HacksReally Original IdeaMathUser29292016-06-08 20:39:15
HacksGreat GraphicsMathUser29292016-06-08 20:38:43
HacksDecent hackMathUser29292016-06-08 20:38:28
HacksNot a massive change but....MathUser29292016-06-07 20:48:20
HacksDecent hackMathUser29292016-06-07 20:47:58
HacksPretty epic hackMathUser29292016-06-07 20:47:17
HacksPort of Sonic GBA?MathUser29292016-06-07 20:47:01
HacksOk hackMathUser29292016-06-07 20:46:30
HacksWeird hackMathUser29292016-06-07 20:46:11
HacksShort hack, but awesome.MathUser29292016-06-07 20:45:53
HacksSounds like bad emulationMathUser29292016-06-07 20:45:29
HacksOk hackMathUser29292016-06-07 20:44:42
HacksBiggest Sonic hack everMathUser29292016-06-07 07:35:37
Hacks2 sprite hacks for the price of 1MathUser29292016-06-07 07:33:48
HacksPretty nice hackMathUser29292016-06-07 07:33:24
HacksVery good hack (essential?)MathUser29292016-06-07 07:32:43
HacksNice hackMathUser29292016-06-07 07:32:01
HacksLike this hackMathUser29292016-06-07 07:31:36
HacksThis is a great hackMathUser29292016-06-07 07:30:37
HacksLove this hackMathUser29292016-06-07 07:30:08
HacksPretty interestingMathUser29292016-06-07 07:20:19
HacksI really like this hackMathUser29292016-06-07 07:19:52
HacksReally great hackMathUser29292016-06-06 21:15:32
HacksVery good hackMathUser29292016-06-06 21:15:02
HacksGood hackMathUser29292016-06-06 06:08:11
HacksThey make a great teamMathUser29292016-06-06 06:07:56
HacksQuite impressiveMathUser29292016-06-06 06:07:17
HacksI like the voicesMathUser29292016-06-06 06:06:58
HacksGood colorsMathUser29292016-06-06 06:06:39
HacksRecomendedMathUser29292016-06-06 06:06:00
HacksGreat ColorsMathUser29292016-06-06 06:05:21
HacksGreat ColorsMathUser29292016-06-06 06:04:57
HacksGreat hackMathUser29292016-06-04 21:24:58
HacksGreat hackMathUser29292016-06-04 21:24:24
HacksGreat hackMathUser29292016-06-04 21:23:41
HacksReally great hackMathUser29292016-06-04 21:23:15
HacksGreat hackMathUser29292016-06-04 21:22:53
HacksUseful hackMathUser29292016-06-02 23:52:19
HacksVery good hackMathUser29292016-05-26 20:42:53
HacksVery good and usefulMathUser29292016-03-30 21:55:34
HacksTerrible Sprite portMathUser29292015-03-04 08:10:56
UtilitiesReally goodMathUser29292012-12-24 09:05:48
HacksThis hack is awesomeMathUser29292012-12-14 09:58:35
UtilitiesReally looks simpleMathUser29292012-12-06 10:22:48
TranslationsNot complete but...MathUser29292012-12-06 02:04:27
UtilitiesGood for making PAR codesMathUser29292012-12-05 19:12:58
HacksSuper Sonic in action!MathUser29292012-12-04 00:36:49
HacksNice GBA fontMathUser29292012-12-02 08:42:17
HacksGreat touchup of Richters spriteMathUser29292012-12-01 18:01:29
HacksGood to see 32-bit Trevor in action againMathUser29292012-12-01 18:01:15
HacksHe's new!MathUser29292012-12-01 18:01:06
HacksFixes emulator issuesMathUser29292012-11-29 15:54:58
HacksGreat HackMathUser29292012-11-29 15:54:06
HacksA great hackMathUser29292012-11-29 12:51:08
HacksNice HackMathUser29292012-11-29 09:00:35
HacksGreat little fix-upMathUser29292012-11-29 04:20:51
HacksThe changes are greatMathUser29292012-11-28 07:46:39
HacksA cheat code!MathUser29292008-06-05 08:43:42
HacksGood for what it doesMathUser29292008-05-18 11:46:56
UtilitiesGets the job done 2MathUser29292008-05-14 03:07:22
HacksGood Coloring choicesMathUser29292008-05-11 07:59:05
HacksEpic HackMathUser29292008-05-07 18:41:35