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thepatrickinator's Reviews
TypeTitleSubmitted ByTime
HacksHow Aladdin on NES should have been done in the first place!thepatrickinator2019-09-29 18:28:37
TranslationsWhat if Tetris Attack wasn't localized with Yoshi's Island characters?thepatrickinator2018-10-07 22:08:49
HacksIt's great to see an old cycle game now uncensored.thepatrickinator2018-10-01 04:05:26
HacksFind the original too tough? Play this instead!thepatrickinator2018-03-17 23:08:48
HacksClose as we are going to get for the Arcade Port of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Moviethepatrickinator2018-02-06 21:53:01
HacksAdd a Batman license and there you go!thepatrickinator2017-11-04 21:08:52
HacksThe Religious References are restored here.thepatrickinator2017-08-22 07:35:46
HacksThis is as close as we will get to a localization of Musashi no Ken: Tadaima Shugyou Chuu.thepatrickinator2017-07-31 07:07:52
TranslationsWe finally have Mahjong games translated to English.thepatrickinator2017-07-06 21:00:59
HacksNice to see what Little Nemo: The Dream Master would have looked like if NIntendo of America wasn�thepatrickinator2017-07-03 21:43:57
TranslationsStays true to the Game Boy original games.thepatrickinator2017-06-26 20:37:50
Hacksa.k.a. Double Dragon II Easy Typethepatrickinator2017-06-26 20:37:28
HacksNot only a romhack, but also a patch to Final Fantasy IV.thepatrickinator2017-06-04 21:31:34
HacksA perfect example of remaking Final Fantasy VI the way it was intended to be.thepatrickinator2017-05-31 23:45:44
UtilitiesAwesome Final Fantasy IV editorthepatrickinator2017-05-22 21:40:43
TranslationsRampart by Konami is Finally Finished.thepatrickinator2017-05-18 06:59:53
HacksStays true to the Classic Mega Man series.thepatrickinator2017-03-29 04:34:28
TranslationsGood reason why Nintendo of America shouldn't be the 4kids of video games during the Early 90&#thepatrickinator2017-02-05 17:58:15
HacksPacmania on Genesis now looks just like the original arcade version!thepatrickinator2016-12-05 02:43:09
HacksPerfect for a Super Metroid speedrun!thepatrickinator2016-11-26 00:14:40
HomebrewLooks like a legitimate Nintendo game.thepatrickinator2016-11-12 20:15:13
TranslationsIt's great to have an obscure detective girl in the west now in English.thepatrickinator2016-10-25 22:19:36
TranslationsUnfortunaltely, J2e Translations was a bit naive this time.thepatrickinator2016-10-02 21:26:47
TranslationsNintendo of America should have always been lenient instead of their strict kid-friendly policies.thepatrickinator2016-09-18 09:21:36
HacksFixes Nintendo of America's misguided policiesthepatrickinator2016-08-31 22:25:22
TranslationsI would have to disagree on the bad dialogue on the PSP though.thepatrickinator2016-08-16 20:56:25
HacksShows why Nintendo of America needs to stop acting like 4kids.thepatrickinator2016-07-24 23:05:02
HacksThis hack brings Twin Cobra back to its arcade roots.thepatrickinator2016-07-23 00:47:14
HacksShows why the original Final Fantasy IV should been family-friendly.thepatrickinator2016-07-10 06:23:28
HacksVery good hack made using FF4ksterthepatrickinator2016-06-29 02:26:23
HacksReminds me of Challenge Mode.thepatrickinator2016-05-05 08:32:44
TranslationsWhat would Doraemon look like in English?thepatrickinator2016-04-26 23:07:41
HacksWhat if Zelda and Link switched roles?thepatrickinator2016-04-19 21:02:52
HacksPerfect!thepatrickinator2016-04-11 20:37:28
HacksGood inspiration for the next version of Playable Golbez Edition!thepatrickinator2016-03-15 17:43:08
HacksWell done!thepatrickinator2016-02-17 19:45:00