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Recent Updates's Reviews
TypeTitleSubmitted ByTime
HacksThank you for this! GREAT!!8.bit.fan2021-11-15 15:28:50
HacksI love SMW and I love this hack!!8.bit.fan2021-11-15 08:15:09
HacksThe best Zelda-II hack I've played!!8.bit.fan2021-11-15 07:54:05
HacksFantastic version of FFIV faithful to the original!8.bit.fan2021-07-26 21:12:50
HacksUnbelievable renditions! A dream come true!!8.bit.fan2021-02-22 13:29:50
HacksThis is INCREDIBLE!!8.bit.fan2020-11-07 11:17:04
HacksOne of the most satisfying translations of FF4!8.bit.fan2019-03-07 08:38:49
HacksThe Mega Man 2 sequel I've been waiting for!8.bit.fan2017-04-06 23:03:46
HacksA decent hack that is of a middle of the pack...8.bit.fan2017-04-06 20:59:33
HacksWith a mix of blandness and awful...8.bit.fan2017-04-06 20:58:54
HacksA fine hack marred by the change of Mega Man's physics.8.bit.fan2017-03-23 21:10:10
HacksRemoved what made MM2 special and unique.8.bit.fan2017-03-23 20:12:49
HacksA good hack plagued by various issues...8.bit.fan2017-02-01 20:24:55
HacksThe best overall Mega Man 2 hack!8.bit.fan2017-02-01 08:02:19
HacksOne of my favorite hard Mega Man 2 hacks!8.bit.fan2016-11-03 23:07:21