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eskimo44's Reviews
TypeTitleSubmitted ByTime
HacksOutstandingeskimo442020-10-09 08:19:06
HacksThe closest thing to a Super Metroid 2 out thereeskimo442020-08-19 18:01:03
HacksNot as hard as you'd thinkeskimo442020-08-14 00:09:46
HacksAwesomeeskimo442020-08-12 20:57:45
HacksBest way to play in 2020eskimo442020-07-26 18:11:50
HacksGet Metroid HD, it's the ideal way to use this hack and play Metroid.eskimo442020-04-09 09:11:21
HacksThis Hack + Metroid HD = the ideal way to play Metroid.eskimo442020-04-09 09:09:33
HacksExcellent, but with a few hiccupseskimo442013-08-26 10:23:33
HacksGreat hackeskimo442013-08-26 09:57:17
HacksVery Fun and great looking gameeskimo442013-08-12 19:16:38