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Chronosplit's Reviews
TypeTitleSubmitted ByTime
HacksFair WarningChronosplit2021-07-28 14:43:49
HacksMega Man+This= Best Gaiden Series everChronosplit2021-04-04 12:06:45
HacksA quick note for those on real hardwareChronosplit2021-02-17 13:04:58
UtilitiesMostly the same but better.Chronosplit2021-02-07 00:00:25
HomebrewA game about l o n g friends!Chronosplit2020-12-10 12:12:20
HacksIt's Ping Pong, now without the loading!Chronosplit2020-11-08 08:55:17
HacksReally helps separate the games.Chronosplit2020-10-07 23:40:07
HacksBrutalChronosplit2020-10-04 14:07:35
HacksGreat!Chronosplit2020-09-16 13:20:44
HacksFar more than just a meme.Chronosplit2020-08-14 00:18:09
HacksYour ears will thank you.Chronosplit2020-08-02 00:35:26
HacksMy ears thank you.Chronosplit2020-07-28 14:22:19
HacksThis feels like a long lost TMNT game.Chronosplit2020-06-01 08:05:25
UtilitiesWoefully outdated, but the most stable choice.Chronosplit2020-02-19 22:18:06
HacksThis is prefered over the original.Chronosplit2020-02-12 20:04:13
HacksMuch appreciated.Chronosplit2019-12-26 18:00:09
HacksI never knew that I needed a Miami Vice video game. Until now.Chronosplit2019-12-13 16:59:21
HacksThis+arcade voice samples=awesome!Chronosplit2019-11-09 18:37:09
HacksJust to be clear to everyone.Chronosplit2019-08-02 13:56:32
HacksThis is great!Chronosplit2019-07-21 08:44:08
HacksWhat an odd way to remedy this.Chronosplit2019-07-15 09:56:22
HacksGyromite as it should be re-released.Chronosplit2019-06-16 16:13:19
HacksInteresting premise.Chronosplit2019-04-03 08:43:27
TranslationsNice to see this on here!Chronosplit2019-03-31 08:51:39
HacksTurns out to be Emu Edition but better.Chronosplit2019-02-22 06:51:04
UtilitiesLess daunting than using CDMage, though it can still be daunting.Chronosplit2019-02-07 17:48:04
HacksReally worth a playthrough.Chronosplit2018-12-15 04:01:11
HacksAwesome! A few words though...Chronosplit2018-10-02 07:40:54
HacksFinally!Chronosplit2018-08-29 23:24:01
TranslationsMuch better than it appears.Chronosplit2018-08-25 01:53:02
HacksMuch more useful than in other games.Chronosplit2018-07-09 20:59:00
UtilitiesInvaluable.Chronosplit2018-02-18 20:21:30
HacksReally nice to have.Chronosplit2018-01-15 19:19:07
HacksGreat!Chronosplit2017-12-10 23:52:55
HacksNeat.Chronosplit2017-12-09 20:21:01
TranslationsNot bad.Chronosplit2017-10-19 16:21:38
HacksUseful!Chronosplit2017-09-17 07:32:12
HacksThe best script you can get that's true to SNES.Chronosplit2017-06-12 10:46:23
HacksBelieve the hype.Chronosplit2017-06-11 23:34:13
UtilitiesCT's good tool.Chronosplit2017-04-02 22:24:55
HacksThe definitive FireRed.Chronosplit2017-03-29 21:38:50
HacksOne of the odder localization choices.Chronosplit2016-11-12 21:49:18
HacksIt's perfect.Chronosplit2016-11-02 18:25:17
HacksSomeone hacked LoD, hooray!Chronosplit2016-10-26 01:01:32
HacksThe right way to reimagine a classic's look.Chronosplit2016-07-04 10:24:17
HacksFFIV meets SaGa Frontier.Chronosplit2016-06-30 01:08:28
UtilitiesNot bad.Chronosplit2016-06-19 20:38:36
HacksIt's back!Chronosplit2016-06-19 08:51:28
UtilitiesUpdate your emulator.Chronosplit2016-06-15 20:24:43
HacksNIce minor script fix.Chronosplit2016-06-04 08:17:26
HacksUnfortunately falls into common pitfalls.Chronosplit2016-06-03 21:48:48
HacksThe setting Konami should've put in.Chronosplit2016-06-03 21:48:22
UtilitiesDoes what it says on the tin.Chronosplit2016-06-02 03:02:11
UtilitiesUseful for making new stones.Chronosplit2016-06-02 03:01:59
UtilitiesEasier to use than other patchers.Chronosplit2016-05-26 20:44:08
UtilitiesThe OSX alternative you've been looking for.Chronosplit2016-05-26 20:43:41
UtilitiesMy use of this tool when doing full text decap.Chronosplit2016-05-15 07:32:28
HacksThat's much better!Chronosplit2016-03-20 18:25:35
HacksGive MaternalBound a speech next election!Chronosplit2015-12-11 16:52:52
HacksNot just another revision/bugfix patch.Chronosplit2015-10-29 00:10:42
HacksThe MSU-1 Hack That Got It Right.Chronosplit2015-09-26 00:25:33
HacksGreat little non-translationChronosplit2014-05-10 21:46:37
TranslationsI like it!Chronosplit2014-02-13 19:36:39
HacksAn oldie, but still fun.Chronosplit2013-09-22 02:39:43
HacksWorks, but a little too much.Chronosplit2013-08-21 05:39:55
HacksFlawed, but still fun.Chronosplit2013-07-31 01:23:35
HacksClose but no Cigar.Chronosplit2013-07-15 15:48:03
HacksThe Definitive Version of Vanilla CrystalChronosplit2013-07-15 15:47:18
HacksPlay Fire Red as it was meant to be!Chronosplit2013-05-04 21:30:37
HacksNot a bad idea, but the execution is a little off.Chronosplit2013-05-02 22:55:28