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vivify93's Reviews
TypeTitleSubmitted ByTime
HacksA Redemption for a Neglected Expansionvivify932021-08-02 15:05:29
HacksDon't play Breath of Fire GBA without thisvivify932021-03-02 18:46:14
HacksA Necessary Restorationvivify932020-09-12 13:00:07
TranslationsThe Pride of Algol (Update for 2.00)vivify932020-05-30 15:53:31
HacksPerfection!vivify932019-06-25 22:22:15
HacksMassive gameplay quality upgradevivify932019-01-10 19:22:02
HacksPlay Frue Lufia insteadvivify932018-10-17 19:29:28
HacksWell, FractiousLemon, you must be amusedvivify932018-08-18 04:24:45
TranslationsMoon Prism Power, Make-Up!vivify932018-04-17 04:33:02
HacksYou're not one of the good guys, Aranvivify932017-11-15 19:21:16
HacksSuper Metroid: Definitive Editionvivify932016-11-26 00:13:52
HacksAmazing!vivify932016-06-17 22:03:27
HacksUtterly necessary!vivify932016-05-24 20:33:17
TranslationsFantastic and well-written translationvivify932016-02-15 19:30:22
HacksJust what FFIV needed!vivify932014-12-26 22:00:28