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Real_Character's Reviews
TypeTitleSubmitted ByTime
TranslationsSlow text but goodReal_Character2018-09-03 02:25:09
HacksFunny but glitchyReal_Character2018-06-10 00:01:52
Translations¡Sí!Real_Character2017-10-25 21:11:44
TranslationsThumbs upReal_Character2017-02-22 06:02:15
TranslationsBad sound clipping and awkward dialogue in some partsReal_Character2017-01-07 00:04:40
TranslationsBroken menu text ruins everythingReal_Character2016-10-17 06:06:59
TranslationsNo problems foundReal_Character2016-10-02 01:13:44
TranslationsAlrightReal_Character2016-09-09 19:27:38
TranslationsDecent, short and sweetReal_Character2016-09-09 19:27:17
TranslationsShogun Leo? LOL .... No.Real_Character2016-09-09 19:26:52
HacksCan't marry MaiaReal_Character2016-09-09 19:26:14
HacksLooks niceReal_Character2016-07-11 23:54:50
HacksVery nice looking sprite workReal_Character2016-07-06 22:56:42
HacksGood but could have used moreReal_Character2013-02-25 10:54:57