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HatZen08's Reviews
TypeTitleSubmitted ByTime
HacksGreat hackHatZen082016-07-03 04:36:57
HacksEnjoyable hackHatZen082015-04-03 09:34:19
HacksGood hackHatZen082015-01-23 06:57:42
HacksGood assembler modificationsHatZen082014-07-07 17:58:47
HacksThematic stages with good tweaksHatZen082014-05-17 19:46:50
HacksHigh difficultyHatZen082014-05-02 16:51:13
HacksGood hackHatZen082014-04-30 18:34:55
HacksFriendly hackHatZen082014-02-23 15:57:54
HacksRaises difficulty with better strategic optionsHatZen082014-01-12 06:53:17
HacksEnjoyableHatZen082013-12-31 15:12:43
HacksGood hackHatZen082013-07-02 19:55:21
HacksFocus in strategy and high difficultyHatZen082013-02-11 02:04:58