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Animebryan's Reviews
TypeTitleSubmitted ByTime
HacksStill needs some workAnimebryan2022-03-26 13:17:51
HacksI hate Softlocking!Animebryan2022-01-24 00:04:46
HacksNope!Animebryan2021-07-18 17:09:26
HacksReserve Tanks are buggedAnimebryan2021-07-13 10:10:35
HacksNot Blue EnoughAnimebryan2021-05-30 18:15:06
HacksMore like Zelda II: The Death of Link!Animebryan2021-03-24 18:36:30
HacksIt's good, but some flaws need fixedAnimebryan2021-03-21 13:41:47
HacksIt ruined the controls!Animebryan2020-11-11 08:59:24
HacksGod awful camera positions make this unplayable!Animebryan2020-07-28 08:26:25
HacksF(*$@ this game!Animebryan2019-10-28 18:01:22
HacksOh God! My eyes!Animebryan2019-10-22 20:23:03
HacksThis is ridiculous!Animebryan2018-11-29 20:01:01
HacksGreat, but has it's flawsAnimebryan2012-03-21 14:21:45