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Obsolete Translations Closed

20 November 2000 7:09PM EST - Update by Spinner 8

Translations News

You heard RIGHT, maggots! Mudd zero has closed down Obsolete Translations because of that tired old worn-out excuse, “lack of time in my life.” Just who does he think he is, putting his needs in front of MY desire to play Treasure Hunter G! What a selfish selfish person. I’m kidding by the way. Really, so don’t email me. I said DON’T. Anyway, we at the Whirlpool wish mudd zero well. He mentioned that he would be back around the first of the year, which is nice! If you’re working on any projects with him, his ICQ number is listed, and the message board is open if you have any questions. Don’t worry kids, January isn’t too far off!

Final Fantasy 4 3.03

20 November 2000 6:54PM EST - Update by Spinner 8

Translations News

Necrosaro updated J2e Translations with quite a bit of news last night. First and foremost, Final Fantasy 4 (SNES) was updated to version 3.03. Here’s the list, taken from changes.txt in glorious c&p:

Changes from v3.02 to v3.03:

  • Reinserted battle text, fixing typos
  • Fixed misc. typos and name inconsistencies in dialogue
  • Fixed bugs/typos in in-battle status conditions

(named partial petrify “stiff”)

  • Fixed typos and errors in the item descriptions
  • Changed Apprentice’s Mallet to Lucky Mallet

(thanks to Ian Kelley’s FAQ update)

  • Changed Echoer description from a harp to a plant (as in original FF4j)
  • Added text for when your inventory is full and it doesn’t let you abandon

a special/event item (”You MUST take the item received!”)

  • Expanded text for call magic learned from an item
  • Fixed typos in the readme text

Basically nothing major, this is just a ‘clean-up’ release.

Let us know immediately if you find any other bugs (major or minor)

that I might have missed or inadvertently caused with this release.

Also, the Version B patch with the other font has not yet been updated, so you can either go with the usual font or wait it out for (I assume) a day or two.

Also mentioned was Lagrange Point (NES). A wonderful person named TomatoSan has completely translated the script, and all that needs to be done now is the script editing and formatting. There’s also a new screenshot to show that Necro’s not just making all this stuff up or anything.

The greatest game ever made? I believe it is.

A final note was made that translators are still very welcome for Elfaria 2 and Tokimeki Memorial! So go and translate dammit! Um, please. :) My offer of $25 to anyone with a major contribution to the english release of Tokimeki Memorial still stands, by the way. ^_^

Spinner 8 vs. Kitsune Sniper

20 November 2000 4:03AM EST - Update by Spinner 8

Translations News

Yeah, an interview with Kitsune Sniper, the kid from Vice Translations. Full of angst, romance, SNK games, car chases, boats sinking, penguins, and a talking bunny rabbit. Have fun, I’m going to sleep. Bleh.

Oh yeah, a link would be nice.

Megami Tensei 2 Update

17 November 2000 8:53PM EST - Update by Spinner 8

Translations News

A whole month with no update? That’s no time at all in hack-land, but an update is a not at all unwelcome addition to the Megami Tensei 2 English Translation Project. The Project’s composed of a brave crew of talented young men, all with one goal in mind: translation of Megami Tensei 2 (NES) at ANY COST. The movie version will include a touching, yet tragic love story, and a monkey. Anyway, on with the news. Some new screenshots have been produced (in the mighty PNG format), along with the icky new title screen. We can only hope that that’s a rough draft, but hey, it’s not my project. :) Of interest for you patch kiddies is the news that the long-awaited demo patch will be much longer than proposed before. The new patch should be released in about two weeks.. “seriously this time :P”. We shall see.

100 World Story bugfix release

17 November 2000 6:52PM EST - Update by Spinner 8

Translations News

AlanMidas quietly released a new patch a few days ago for one of the greatest games ever, 100 World Story: Tales of a Watery Wilderness (NES)!! Huzzah! What’s new in version, you may be wondering? Well WONDER NO MORE. From his website:

I fixed the bugs I knew about so this’ll probably be the final release… Unless of course somebody finds some other bugs on me.

Thought-provoking and revealing, yet mysterious. What does it all mean? Download the patch here and go on your very own personal journey of enlightenment. Oh, and play the game. It’s Badass.

New Adventures of Arle Patch!

13 November 2000 5:00PM EST - Update by (wraith)

Translations News

Dustybuddy seems to have revived his site, DB Translations. Not only that, but they have released a patch for that nifty-looking Gameboy game, Adventures of Arle! And it seems to be a tad bit farther than the now-defunct Katalyst Translations’ one whole window of text. So check it out.

Kunio Stuff!

12 November 2000 12:46AM EST - Update by (wraith)

Translations News

Ice Translations gave us some screenshots of their work on Rantou Hen GB (or, as those of us not in the know call it, Kunio GB). Here, you can see a screen of the new dialog, and the updated title screen, made by Kitsune Sniper, of Vice Translations fame.

Front Mission

12 November 2000 12:36AM EST - Update by (wraith)

Translations News

FH made an update for his and Stories’ Front Mission project. No, there is no new patch yet. However, some more issues are being dealt with. THe first of which is extra dialogs: 80~100 new sets of dialog have been found, and these need to be translated. There’s also a need for some re-writing of the compression code in the game … which unfortunately is causing a delay. But, hey, they have a nice quotation auto-indenter thing for the script, evidenced in the screenshot below:

Violinist of Hamlin

12 November 2000 12:26AM EST - Update by (wraith)

Translations News

J2e Translations has updated. It seems AnusP has hit a little productivity spurt. Anyway, more effort is now being put into Violinist of Hamlin, that Snes where you can throw a chick at people. He says that the scripts are ready to put back in it, and he’s aiming for a Holiday Season release. Also, they are having a bit of contest:

i’ve also decided to start a design competition to see who can design the best logo to use in the violinist of hamlin translation! the logo must be 152×62 pixels, and the colour scheme must be kept simple. The game can only handle 3 colours per 8×8 block of pixels. I would prefer that you use the same colours that are present in the japenese rom.

Langrisser News

12 November 2000 12:03AM EST - Update by (wraith)

Translations News

Yep, two patches for two different Langrisser games, for two different platforms.

Der Langrisser, for Snes, has had a new patch released by Warui Toransu, the only transltion group I can think of with CVS. Anyway, I’m not sure what exactly is translated, but everything I saw up until I was pounded into the ground by the enemy was translated. But, admittedly, that wasn’t very far. Try that patch here.

Then there’s Hiryuu Honyaku, who have breathed a whole new life into the Langrisser 2 (Genesis) Translation effort. They have just released a patch that translates scenarios 1-9, which is roughly 60% of the total game (19 scenarios). This is indeed good news! You can that patch here.