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The World's First Complete FE1 Hack - Time For Tom

18 May 2022 6:17AM EST - Update by Polinym

ROM Hacks News

Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragons and the Blade of Light, the first game in the famous tactical role-playing series, is known for being clunky, backwards, and slow. In Time For Tom, all that has changed.

Time For Tom is a full, 18-chapter new story built on the Fire Emblem 1 engine. It also contains a number of improvements upon the base game to bring it closer to later games in the series. Aside from the new cast of playable units, enemies, maps, weapons, and items, notable improvements include:

- A Weapon Triangle has been added based on Genealogy of the Holy War

- The protagonist always has access to the convoy

- Magical attacks use the Strength/Magic stat

- Stat caps are raised to 50, the damage cap is raised to 90

- All classes promote using Master Proofs, including Hunters and Generals

- Generals can weild bows and lances in addition to swords

- Player and enemy units now have Resistance, with Resistance growth rates

- And more!

Time For Tom is a comedy starring friends Thomas and Jake as they embark on a time-traveling adventure to right the wrongs of history. On the way, they meet some of the most popular Fire Emblem characters like Glade, Roger, Samto, Henry, Alba, and more.

In terms of difficulty, Time For Tom expects familiarity with the Fire Emblem series. While more challenging than the original, it should still be easily overcome by those who have played a Fire Emblem game before.

"MOTHER 4" is finally here...? Uh-oh!

02 April 2022 9:11PM EST - Update by Polinym

ROM Hacks News

It’s that time of year again. Which time? The first of a certain month, which means that it’s time for THAT kind of EarthBound hack.

Given the issues of timing and wanting to avoid sounding like a pretentious wackjob with a stick up his rear to those who haven’t played Persona 5 Royal like last year’s disaster, this year the creator of this hack has decided not to use any deception in marketing.

“MOTHER 4″ was designed as a sequel to the SNES RPG EarthBound. The goal was to create “the worst EarthBound hack ever made”. Of course, it wouldn’t be fun to just make the hack “lol unbeatable!”. Thus, “MOTHER 4″ is a troll hack, which will trick the player at each and every turn, much like a Mario Maker troll level. Trust nothing. “MOTHER 4″ rewards players who are clever, but those who play just as mindless as the hack itself will struggle. Extremely skilled players could beat the hack in just a few minutes.

And the plot? The hack’s writing is on par with Fire Emblem Awakening. Giygas is back! Why? How? Who knows. Nest’s bicycle gets stolen, and he must get his friends to go stop the alien again.

“MOTHER 4″ also includes the “Adaptive Troll Difficulty” feature, which causes random mechanics to cease functioning if the game is played for a long period of time. Use Nest’s “Calling Fone” to save the game anytime, anywhere and avoid the troll!

When does the madness end? When you get a hug, you know you’ve reached the game’s end.

As per usual, a trailer for the hack can be found here:

Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light - New Translation Released

16 May 2021 7:35AM EST - Update by Polinym

Translations News


Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light, also known as Ankoku Ryuu to Hikari no Tsurugi, Shadow Dragons and the Blade of Light, Dark Dragon and the Sword of Light, and even Emblema de Fuego, has received a new translation by Polinym. This translation aims to remain as faithful as possible to Shouzou Kaga’s original Japanese creation.

This project began as Polinym was experimenting with a ROMHack fan-game of the original Japanese game in late November 2020. Some basic translation work was done, but only the first level was completed. Then, when the surprise announcement from Nintendo about a temporary Switch “translation” being released, he scrapped the project. Much later, at the start of Aprial, some experiments in ASM hacking led to a reboot of the project which culminated in this release.

The main objective being accuracy, this translation preserves as much of the original Japanese names as possible, using the official localized terminology wherever accurate and appropriate. The script featured in the Mystery of the Emblem Book 1 port (Polinym’s personal favorite, the 2008 fan translation by RPGuy96 and VincentASM) was heavily used as a reference, checked against the original Japanese text of the Famicom game, and slightly edited on occasion for accuracy’s sake. The previous fan translation and Switch “translation” were also used for reference.

The main advantage of this new translation is expanded text windows and a compressed script, which allows the text to be almost completely unabridged compared to previous fan translations.

Also, Polinym created a trailer to showcase the release of this new translation, which can be found here (, or in the Related Link.

Take up the blade of light Falchion once again as Prince Mars of Aritia! Liberate your homeland from the evil Durhua Empire and vanquish the Shadow Dragon Mediuth! This translation is a celebration of the first Fire Emblem game. But, celebrations don’t need to end on an arbitrary date to boost sales. The new version of the game for English speaking audiences will be available for download until the end of time.

EightBound Regal - Final Fantasy X EarthBound of the Easy Type

02 April 2021 6:23PM EST - Update by Polinym

ROM Hacks News

Last year, Polinym released the most up-to-date version of his hack EightBound, which turns EarthBound into a Final Fantasy game. It combines elements of all of the first nine games to create an epic Final Fantasy adventure. Players can check out the original hack here:, or see its trailer in the related link.

EightBound was intended to be a very challenging hack that was still accessible to less skilled players. However, Polinym received many complaints about the difficulty. In response, Polinym has created a brand new edition of EightBound that caters to casual gamers.

Why Regal? Because this hack gives you the royal treatment!

Introducing EightBound Regal! Regal creates a whole new experience for players of all skill levels to be able to beat. Even a beginner who has never played an RPG before can reach an ending! Features of EightBound Regal include:

- Cheat protection has been removed!

- Significantly lowered encounter rates!

- A faster adventure that doesn’t waste more of your oh-so precious time!

- A never-before-seen story arc!

- New characters!

- New abilities!

- New bosses!

- A revamped interface!

The creator of the hack also wishes to make this statement: To all those who thought that EightBound was too difficult, Polinym is so sorry for all the pain my hack has put you through. He never realised that you have to cheat past the struggles you encounter in lif-,er, games. He is now a changed man. Now Polinym says that if your situation ever becomes too painful to endure, remember: it’s okay for you to escape your problem. He doesn’t want a single one of you players to think that an unfair reality you’ve been forced into is the only one that you have to live. Your ability to play EarthBound hacks on your computer is an amazing miracle. You deserve to spend your days in happiness.

Dreams can come true! No more tears!

Finally, Polinym wishes to reiterate that live reactions are the most helpful form of feedback for improving ROMHacks. The uploading of video playthroughs with commentary is highly encouraged. Also, he requests that commenters and reviewers refrain from posting spoilers for this hack’s new story.

EightBound - UPDATE OF DOOM (1.3) Released

07 October 2020 7:32AM EST - Update by Polinym

ROM Hacks News

EightBound has just received an even bigger update with features you won’t want to miss!

For one, Polinym solved the flag issues regarding hidden bosses and extra items once and for all! Everything should work as intended now. There are lots of other little fixes as well, but you’ll have to play the game to see them.

New additions to EightBound include:

  • New item icons in the inventory
  • Different menu colors now are properly named
  • New spell-casting items
  • New sidequest
  • New / enhanced enemies
  • Visiting Moogle Valley is no longer necessary to enter Ultros’s base
  • Two new bosses
  • Culex has been adjusted
  • New and existing battle moves have been enhanced
  • Removed unintended “La Arsene” item
  • ATM Card DX: Withdraw Gil from anywhere

EightBound has become the new EarthBound Kaizo. Do you have what it takes to reach the very end? Or will you crumble under the challenge?

Also check out this video talking about what’s new in EightBound:

EigthBound CuLex is Real Update

04 September 2020 12:45PM EST - Update by Polinym

ROM Hacks News

EightBound has received a significant update!

For one, a bug was discovered that prevented a certain statue from spawning when it needed to. This embarrassingly resulted in a certain end-game boss making mid-game players pay for their insolence far earlier than intended. Also, this prevented the game from being beatable. Fortunately, this update should fix that problem. The game should now be 100% completeable. Players can now see all the wonderful gems that lie near the end of the game. Unfortunately, transferring save data may not allow the statue to spawn, so players may have to start from scratch.

Also, “ya boi Culex” was originally intended to make an appearance in EightBound, but for whatever reason, that didn’t happen. Now, Culex finally made it into EightBound. Players can challenge him in his secret hideout and claim the mystical Quartz Charm as a reward if they beat him.

Also, the creator Polinym would like to mention that the uploading of playthrough videos with commentary is highly encouraged. Polinym would like to see live reactions, which will also help with improving the game.

LaSalle Ishii's KAIZO Quest Emerges From the Depths!

13 June 2020 1:11PM EST - Update by Polinym

ROM Hacks News

Be careful what you wish for…

Shortly after the release of Stardom Warriors, Polinym’s localization of LaSalle Ishii’s Childs Quest (also known as ChaiKue), Polinym began work on a delocalization version simply “because he could”. However, he quickly realized that such an obscure, ugly, and slightly pervy game was unfit for mere mortal English speakers. So, he channeled all the dark energy of “free time” to create a more menacing, enraging experience. He worked on his Kaizo Quest project among various other projects.

LaSalle Ishii’s KAIZO Quest is the embodiment of Polinym’s dual-faced nature towards a non-localized version of ChaiKue. Nearly all of the copyrighted content, such as LaSalle Ishii, Matsuo Ishii, and the Childs, has been restored. The game’s text has been rewritten to be significantly more accurate to the original. Much of the censorship has been removed, although Polinym still has his limits…

At the same time, the cost of such a project is an increased difficulty. The game now takes more grinding to complete. Shop items are now drastically more expensive. Lies and tricks have been scattered among the helpful hints. All of the water in-game has been replaced by bloo, um, er, “Mementos Juice”. Many helpful hints have flat-out been removed. The final boss’s true form has been restored…

Polinym does not approve of this game. He suggests that only experienced ChaiKue players even consider attempting this. A quality, family-friendly way to play the game in English already exists in the form of Stardom Warriors ( )

This hack was designed to be hated. Polinym shall not be responsible for controllers thrown into TV/PC screens or discomfort caused by the game’s dialogue.

“Official” Release Trailer:

Woolsey Fan Company "Spring Cleaning" Update

12 April 2020 8:54PM EST - Update by Polinym

Translations News

The Woolsey Fan Company, or really just Polinym, has released what he calls the “Spring Cleaning” update to the two localizations of Pop Star Debut and Stardom Warriors! These updates bring new additions and bug-fixes.

Pop Star Debut:

Pop Star Debut is the English version of Japanese text-adventure game “Idol Hakkenden”. The game revolves around the talented young Sabrina E. Seltzer who dreams of becoming a world-famous pop star. On her quest to reach fame, she is confronted by an evil Pop Czar Feld who seeks to lure Sabrina to his evil Czarmy and conquer the world.

In this “Spring Cleaning” update, Pop Star Debut now comes with a full localization of the original game’s manual, modeled after actual Nintendo of America Instruction Booklets. All of the game’s typos, text-overflow, mistakes, and formatting mistakes have all been fixed. As usual, the game still has ALL text carefully formatted by hand so as to avoid sloppy text with line breaks in the middle of words with dashes.

Pop Star Debut also features several fixes to the original game found exclusively in the WFC version. One image in the end, the “Pop Czarina”, originally had the Czarina’s hair shifted over with part of her whip floating in the air. The WFC located the missing/unused tile and recreated the intended image.

The game’s cover and all promotional art features the character Sabrina with blonde hair. However, the original game displays her hair in-game as orange. This new update restores the intended design for the character and returns Sabrina’s hair to blonde. With this correction, Pop Star Debut aims to be the ultimate way for English-speakers to experience this game.

The WFC also has released the long-overdue official trailer for this localization:

Stardom Warriors:

Stardom Warriors is the English version of LaSalle Ishii’s Childs Quest for the Nintendo Entertainment System. It is a parody RPG starring a manager who leads his up-and-coming band of talented young girls to stardom and uncovers a dark and sinister force.

The occasional typos and text-overflow errors have seemingly all been fixed. Some of the game’s lines have been revised to include more of the “lore” that enhances the English version. The issue of incorrect colors being displayed on a portrait in the “thirsty” message has been fixed. An image near the end has also been polished up thanks to feedback.

In addition, although not a part of this particular update, Polinym’s famicom Dragon Quest translation received an update a while ago that solved the password issue, as well as some other mistakes.

Special shout-out to user Fray for offering feedback and catching many of the two localizations’ typos and mistakes!

Original Dragon Quest Translated!

25 February 2020 6:55AM EST - Update by Polinym

Translations News

Polinym has released the first-ever translation of the unlocalized Dragon Quest for the Famicom.

Dragon Warrior/Dragon Quest is essentially the father of the modern JRPG. It follows the story of a hero, descendant of the legendary Loto the Brave, who must slay the villainous Dragon King, rescue Princess Laura, reclaim the Light Orb, and restore peace to Alefgard.

One day Polinym noticed that no had ever translated the original before. After looking and seeing that it was not too difficult a task, he wondered why no one had done this before, and took it upon himself to translate the entire game.

The goal was to be as accurate to the original as possible, given the space provided, technical restrictions, and Polinym’s beginner/intermediate knowledge of Japanese.

Because an already localized and fantastic version called Dragon Warrior already exists, little to no attempts were made to localize or change existing content and is thus not a “Woolsey Fan Company” project. Rather, this was just a personal project because of Polinym’s fondness for the Dragon Warrior series.

Also included in addition to the pure translation patch is the “Quick EXP” patch, which grants large amounts of experience and gold after every fight and alleviates the need to grind.

Polinym also created a basic trailer to show off the translation and what the game is about, which can be found on YouTube here: ( ), or in the RELATED LINK.


10 January 2020 6:49PM EST - Update by Polinym

ROM Hacks News

Polinym strikes again, this time with something that ISN’T a localization!

Polinym and Mareeta present… EightBound, a one-of-a-kind Final Fantasy experience.

EightBound is a hack that changes EarthBound into a brand new Final Fantasy game. It is a full conversion of menus, weapons, spells, items, enemies, bosses, and everything else to Final Fantasy equivalents. It also features a whole host of new content on its own. It’s a combination of every type of hack coated with a Final Fantasy theme.

EarthBound was an atypical RPG for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. It played similar to the Dragon Quest series.

EightBound began as Polinym’s attempt to get his associate, Mareeta, to play EarthBound. She didn’t like the MOTHER series, but she did like Final Fantasy. So Polinym began a simple text hack with a few sprite changes to make it more appealing. Mareeta quickly jumped on board the project, all sorts of new ideas sprung up, and it took off. With the additions of new bosses, spells, story conversions, gameplay ideas, and more ways to make it Final Fantasy, EightBound became a whole new game on its own.

EightBound’s battle system was made to be much faster and more exciting. Battle messages cut out all the unnecessary fluff and get right to the punch. This results in battles akin to the Final Fantasy series that leave you on the edge of your seat. It also takes advantage of the rolling MP meter system throughout the WHOLE game, unlike the original game.

EightBound corrects some of the frustrations and balancing flaws of the original game. The game now is completely free of tedious sidequests with no fights. Items dropped by enemies are now much more logical (ex. Enemies who inflict Poison drop Antidotes, all items drop at reasonable rates unlike EB’s 1/128 chance drops, valuable weapons/gear are only dropped by bosses). NPCs now give more helpful hints, so your next objective will always be clear.

However, EightBound also attempts to be a significantly more challenging game than EarthBound. EightBound is filled to the brim with powerful bosses, each with carefully planned movesets so that every boss has a specific strength and weakness. No two boss fights are the same! It also contains about 50% MORE bosses than the original game! Only true experts will be able to reach the credits!

The story was rewritten to contain Final Fantasy themes and characters. It is based on Final Fantasy VIII, following Squall and his friends’ quest to stop Ultimecia from destroying the world. However, it takes a more comedic approach as a parody of both EarthBound AND the Final Fantasy series. Characters and content from all the series make appearances.

EightBound prides itself on not merely picking Final Fantasy content at random. Polinym and Mareeta took special care to ensure that everything picked was memorable, and accurately reflects the experiences that players had with that content.

All sorts of other new additions can be found in EightBound. Save Moogles, which allow you more opportunities to save your game, hassle-free, kupo! Four Fiends!Hold Y to sprint, and get around faster! Espers! “Spell-casting items”, which grant new moves when used in battle, allowing for greater character customization! Cheat protection! Crystals! Cloud Strife! Boss Rush mode, where you fight a series of bosses to gain new power! Post-game content out the wazoo! Explore previously-visited areas to find it all!

You can even enjoy EightBound even if you’ve never played a Final Fantasy game in your life! It pays homage to all sorts of other things like Dragon Quest, Legend of Dragoon, Jane Austen, Star Wars, Castlevania, Xenoblade Chronicles, Super Mario Bros., Banjo-Kazooie, Wuthering Heights, Match Game ‘76, The Twilight Zone, Crash Bandicoot, Donkey Kong 64, and more!

A special TRAILER was also made to go with the release, which you check out using the RELEVANT LINK, or here: ( )

EightBound truly offers something for everyone.

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