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GoldenEye: X - Third Official Patch Released

28 February 2011 4:48PM EST - Update by Dragonsbrethren

ROM Hacks News

This is the third official, full-point release, of GoldenEye: X, a project that ports GoldenEye’s stages, weapons, and characters to Perfect Dark. Over the last few months, we’ve been busy adding in new content, as well as addressing certain issues that cropped up in the most recent versions of the game. We’ve not only been focusing our efforts on the multiplayer ‘Virtual Reality’ aspect of the game, but have also made advances with the mission campaign. However, we’re still not quite at the point where those are good enough to be made public. In the meantime, you can play solo (or co-op) against up to eight Simulants in any of the VR levels available. Here is a summary of the edits and updates in this version…

  • There is a lot more available to the player from the very start of a new file. From Virtual Reality, you should have access to every weapon, weapon set, music track, scenario, game option, and Simulant type (with the ability to use up to eight).
  • Two new levels are available in VR… Bunker ii and Archives. They are (mostly) complete with glass, doors, metal crates, and all the weapons you can handle. The Simulants perform very well, and are able to fully traverse the stages. The only hiccup lies in the metal crates. They’ll eventually drop through the floor after being destroyed and disappear for the remainder of the match. It may take a few cycles for it to happen, however.
  • There’s a very special treat in this release. Expertly ported from The World Is Not Enough on the N64, the “Labyrinth” multiplayer map by Zoinkity. He’s brought this fun level over to GoldenEye, which was then converted for Perfect Dark and updated to have more spawns, additional ammo crates, Capture the Flag bases, and even five Hills. It’s a brand new experience for those not familiar with TWINE, and a great bit of nostalgia for those who are.
  • Get your hands on some new hardware! Take out your opponents in stealth by using the silenced variations of the PP7 Special Issue and D5K Deutsche. The destructive Shotgun is also now at your disposal. Like some of the other weapon ports, the muzzle flashes and bullet origins aren’t perfect, but the weapons themselves and their positioning matches the originals. Once we learn more about how the weapons in PD are setup, these issues will be taken care of.
  • An additional eight bodies and five heads have been added to the character roster. Choose from the Russian Soldier, Jungle Commando, Siberian Guard (Black) [which also completes Mishkin], or Siberian Special Forces. Feeling invincible? Than select Boris as your on-screen persona. Want to use some voodoo magic against your foes? Baron Samedi is just waiting to put on a hex. And whether you’re tall or short, there’s somebody for you. Jaws and Oddjob, the polar-opposites in GE, are ready to duke it out again… whether you want your friends to use them or not is up to you.
  • From the first patch, the Moonraker Elite has been using a customized arm/hand model. Since then, the other characters have been matched up with more appropriate models. Most of those have also been customized, since PD only offered so many styles. There’s a couple that still require better textures, but the majority of characters are complete.
  • Simulants are now fully supported in the Caves map. Thanks to a base AI Path Network created by Octan Baron for his custom mission in GoldenEye, Sims are capable of navigating all areas of the stage. Hopefully this will breath new life into a level that most would consider to be the least appealing multiplayer choice in GoldenEye.
  • Egyptian has seen some architectural modification since the last release. There are three chutes that normally contain ceiling-mounted drone guns in the mission. They have been edited and changed into ramps. It was a decision made to better performance, for both humans and Sims. Before, people were capable of falling through the lower edge of the chute and dying. As a ramp, this occurance is eliminated. Simulants now use these ramps without any issues.
  • The left-handed Phantom and Sniper Rifle now draw correctly, and not inside-out. Their bullet origins are still inaccurate, but the Phantom does have a slightly improved muzzle flare. It also uses the appropriate sound effect, and has been adjusted to better replicate the original. The Sniper Rifle has also been slightly modified, and now deals the same amount of damage as in GoldenEye.
  • The AR33 Assault Rifle and RC-P90 are now capable of penetrating through objects and characters. I’m not sure why they weren’t setup by Rare to do this in the first place, but it has since been fixed.
  • Certain doors in various levels weren’t using the proper flag to prevent them from being seen through walls. Those that appeared in Temple, Facility and Egyptian are now all taken care of. Others also close portals when shut, which may help slightly with the framerate in certain areas.
  • The glass in Facility is now, once again, indestructible. You may still fire through the glass with a weapon capable of penetrating through objects, so beware of Sims who are packing an AR33 or RC-P90.
  • Two songs have been removed and replaced in the Virtual Reality soundtrack list. Silo X didn’t loop, and once finished, would continue on in silence. The End Credits theme was taken out, since it was never included in the original game’s multiplayer soundtrack. Both Elevator songs (from Control and Caverns) have been included as their replacements.
  • For those of you who are able to play this game on console, through the use of a backup device, you’ll be pleased to hear that both Complex and Egyptian no longer crash during loading. There was an error in the background file that didn’t seem to cause any problems via emulation, but wasn’t nearly as kind on the actual hardware. Both files have been updated, and are confirmed to work on console. HOWEVER, it is recommended that you DO NOT use GoldenEye character bodies and heads. There is a bug that is causing the console to crash when they are loaded into the level. It might not happen right away, but it eventually rears its ugly head. Only a few heads have been confirmed to play properly, but none of the bodies. So, until this is sorted out, please stick to the Perfect Dark leftovers.
  • The Character Profiles & Other Information in the Information Room, as well as the Vehicles listed in the Hangar PC, have begun taking after their GoldenEye replacements. All of the characters (with exception to Ourumov and Valentin) are available to view, but the informative articles have yet to be dealt with. Also, most of the vehicles are still displaying the PD objects, and not all descriptions have been written. These things are being left in to demonstrate the progress we’re making outside of Virtual Reality mode.

And be sure to check out the Official GoldenEye: X YouTube channel for the patch 3a trailer.

GoldenEye Gets a Little Darker

28 March 2010 9:18AM EST - Update by Dragonsbrethren

ROM Hacks News

Wreck has released an early version of GoldenEye: X, an extensive project which will port GoldenEye 007 to Perfect Dark’s engine. This preview version is very early and has a lot of visual oddities, but gives a feel for what the port will be like. Eventually everything from GoldenEye, including the single player missions, will be ported to the enhanced engine. While there are no plans for any major upgrades visually, the engine has a number of improvements which will enhance the way the game plays. Many infamous limitations of the original guard AI, for example, will be a thing of the past. Multiplayer, which this preview showcases, will also benefit from the new engine–many new game modes, and much more customization than was possible in the original game is available.

Here is a list of what this preview patch contains:


  • Phantom (first and third person models)
  • Golden Gun (first and third person models)
  • Timed, Proximity, and Remote Mines (third person models only)
  • Hand Grenade (third person model only)

In addition to those, all of the “classic” weapons available in Perfect Dark, which were just renamed GoldenEye weapons, are still available with their original names. These weapons are available for selection in multiplayer now, and have been modified to allow simulants to use them.


  • James Bond (Tuxedo) head and body
  • Natalya (Russia) head and body
  • Trevelyan (Janus) head and body
  • Moonraker Elite body
  • Joe 2 head (used by Moonraker Elite by default)
  • Terrorist head


  • Temple (GoldenEye original, not its classic counterpart)
  • Library
  • Caves
  • Egyptian

Be forewarned that Temple, Library, and Caves do not have the path network needed to play them with simulants yet. Adding one should be pretty painless for future versions. Egyptian also has a single room (the one where you find the golden gun in solo) where sims cannot follow you and will not move if they spawn there.


  • Library and Egyptian door models
  • Body armor model (replaces shield model)

These are not the only ports that have been completed, but are the only ones included in the preview patch. Paired with the existing GoldenEye weapons, they allow you to have four players using GoldenEye characters and all six slots filled with a weapon from GoldenEye. Many Perfect Dark characters and weapons are still available, but they may have texture errors, and Perfect Dark heads do not fit on GoldenEye bodies properly and vice-versa. A limited number of weapons from Perfect Dark will likely be kept for the final version, filling the same role as the classic weapons originally did.

Click here for a video which shows a game against sims in Egyptian. You can get the patch from the GoldenEye Vault link below. It should be possible to play multiplayer online using this patch and the Mupen64k/Mupen64++ emulators, but it has not been tested at this time.

Celebrate the new year with some new GoldenEye hacks

01 January 2009 2:33AM EST - Update by Dragonsbrethren

ROM Hacks News

The GoldenEye hacking community has been very active over the past few months, with lots of new solo missions and multiplayer maps:

  • Counter-Strike Map Pack - Monkeyface released this great conversion of ten maps from Counter-Strike, for use in GoldenEye’s multiplayer mode.
  • Attack Ship Bridge - A solo map from Perfect Dark converted for use in GoldenEye multiplayer by Kode-Z.
  • Air Base Hangar & dataDyne HQ Extraction Lobby - Two more PD solo to GE multiplayer conversions, these ones were done by 00dark.
  • Japanese Facility, Yoshida Dam, KAIENTAI Frigate, Chinese Temple, & Conkster Control Bunker - Five new solo missions from TAKA Michinoku9.1, which take place in various maps from the original game. These all follow their own storyline, and should be played in order.
  • All Bonds Patch - Mark Kane has released the best “All Bonds” patch to date, which makes use of the textures left over from the extra Bond actor models that were removed from the game.
  • Grid & Aztec Complex - I also had two releases, new missions taking place in what were previously multiplayer-only maps. First up, the Grid from PD and the Complex from GE. The Grid is a classic GE stealth mission, similar to Bunker, while the Complex is a tribute to the original Aztec mission.

Be sure to check Goldeneye Vault for older releases that weren’t mentioned in this news post, this is only a roundup of November and December’s releases.

Final Fantasy II *is* Easy Type

06 July 2008 3:42PM EST - Update by Dragonsbrethren

ROM Hacks News

This is a simple hack that ports all of Final Fantasy IV Easy Type’s data changes into Final Fantasy II US. An extended description, from the readme:

I’m fairly certain anyone with even a mild interest in Final Fantasy IV knows that the Easy Type version, which was released in Japan at about the same time the US got its Final Fantasy II, has many interesting changes that aren’t present in any other version of the game. Nonetheless if you spend enough time on forums you will inevitably find people who use “Easy Type” and “Final Fantasy II” interchangeably, as if they were identical to one another, despite all the evidence to the contrary available via a quick search online.

However, this erroneous claim is what inspired me to make this hack. Every byte of data that was changed for Easy Type has been ported to the 1.1 revision of Final Fantasy II US, text changes have only been made for the two new swords and anything else that needed text, the rest of the game is left entirely intact. This is as close to what we would have gotten in 1991 had Final Fantasy II US been a localized version of Easy Type. I hope you enjoy playing through this under-appreciated version of Final Fantasy IV.

GoldenEye 007: Silo Mission Released

05 November 2007 3:36AM EST - Update by Dragonsbrethren

ROM Hacks News

After a few weeks of work (And a few months of slacking off) my Silo mission has finally been released. The mission uses the same map as the original but plays entirely different, you must rescue hostages, prevent missiles from being launched, and unmask and eliminate the new leader of Janus. Check the readme or in-game briefing for a more detailed description of the storyline behind the mission.

Get it here or follow the relevant link to its page on Goldeneye Vault. A movie of SubDrag playing an earlier test version is available here. A few things have been changed since that movie was made but it should still give a good idea of how the mission plays.