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Star Fox - Wireframe Mode Released!

04 January 2022 12:21AM EST - Update by kandowontu

ROM Hacks News - RHDN Project Page

Star Fox has been given another way to enjoy its beautiful shapes and environments - Wireframe Mode!

Given the same treatment as Star Fox 2, it was time for the OG Star Fox to go faceless.

Experience the fun with see-through wireframe meshes, as every 3+ point face has been converted into multiple 2 point edges!

There are 3 patch flavors - Standard, 21MHZ SuperFX, or 21MHZ SuperFX/FASTROM.


Starfox now with FASTROM AND SuperFX 21.7mhz

23 December 2021 4:41PM EST - Update by kandowontu

ROM Hacks News - RHDN Project Page

Just when you thought Starfox enhancements couldn’t get any better, FASTROM makes an appearance!

This patch activates the full speed of the SuperFX, from 10.7mhz to 21.4 mhz.

This patch also makes the game use FASTROM to push the CPU bottlenecks through just a bit faster.

A comparison video can be seen here:

Credits to LivelyZephyrs for pushing to figure this out, and credits to everyone the Starfox Exploration Showcase discord for always supporting the projects and joining in for the fun! There’s too many of you to name!

'tis the season for Star Fox!

19 December 2021 7:23AM EST - Update by kandowontu

ROM Hacks News - RHDN Project Page

‘Tis the season for Star Fox! This month brings you a few Star Fox patches.

For Star Fox, all of the different versions boosted up to 21mhz, the same SuperFX GPU speed as Star Fox 2!

A new patch also bring you Starfox with a Starfox 64 inspired HUD!

Finally, Star Fox 2 with all models converted into WIREFRAME meshes!

There is much, much more in store for next year, including a HUGE update for Star Fox Exploration Showcase.

Happy holidays, and happy New Year!

Starfox upgraded with SuperFX2 Chip

15 November 2021 9:21PM EST - Update by kandowontu

ROM Hacks News - RHDN Project Page

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if Starfox used the SuperFX 2 chip that Starfox 2 uses? Well here it finally is!

Experience a speed increase that Starfox has never seen before!

Thanks to the help of Vitor Vilela, this patch was created for version 1.2 of Star Fox.

The speed differences can easily be seen simply by watching the scramble sequence.

Enjoy, and give this classic some more love!

Star Fox Exploration Showcase - Urgent Hotfix

10 August 2021 7:07AM EST - Update by kandowontu

ROM Hacks News - RHDN Project Page

Star Fox Exploration Showcase is the first fully loaded mod for Star Fox. Boasting features such as 2 Player mode, full camera control, a full pre-game menu, an in-game pause menu, a new course, endurance runs, new weapons and much, much more.

The previous 2 updates may have seemed a little more difficult than the original game. The reason has been found, and an emergency patch has been uploaded to fix this. The player body hitbox size has been shrunk back down from 30 to 10.

A full BGM/SFX test has also been added into the pre-game menu. Thanks to CoolK for naming all 175 sound FX!

Enjoy, and look forward to the next big release of Star Fox Exploration Showcase!

Star Fox Exploration Showcase 8.45.2 is out!

19 July 2021 4:11PM EST - Update by kandowontu

ROM Hacks News - RHDN Project Page

Star Fox Exploration Showcase is a fully featured showcase of some of the possible things that can be done to modify the original game. Some of the notable features are 2 player mode, new views, new weapons/ships, a new 4th course, and endurance run, a new game+ mode, a god mode, and much, MUCH more!

Today Star Fox Exploration Showcase has unleashed a force that has never been seen before. An update so massive, so expansive that Luigi himself has shown up and joined forces with Andross to bring you MECHA LUIGI! (Thanks to Starxxon for the model)

Challenge the game in New Game+ mode to face him!

The game also now proudly features an in-game pause menu, a further expanded pre-game menu with many more mods, accurate first person views available in all areas of the game, a 4 player CPU assault mode, a new view, and much, much more under the hood.

Lots of love and care went into each and every feature of this mod. Enjoy! Will you be the first person to beat Mecha Luigi?

Full Changelog:


  • Pregame menu expanded to add:
  • Palette Changes
  • No Ground Dots
  • Disable BGM or SFX
  • Fast/Slow BGM mode
  • Dark Mode (No light sourcing)
  • 2 player CPU+ mode
  • 4 player CPU assault mode
  • In-Game Pause menu to change the following:
  • Ship Model
  • Weapon
  • Double Shot on/off
  • Fire Rate
  • Freeze and Explore mode (Hit the brakes after turning this on to activate)
  • Step by Step mode - move the game one frame at a time with left or right when highlighting this. You can also hold left or right to continue moving through frames, and you can hold up/down and shoot while holding left or right.
  • MECHA LUIGI added to New Game+ mode - he replaces Andross’s core, and he has a completely new attack pattern. Good luck! (Thanks for the model, Starxxon!)
  • Key combinations for ship models/weapons/double shot/freeze and explore mode have all been disabled due to the new pause menu
  • More features disabled for NG+ (infinite barrel rolls, continues)
  • First person view fixed for every course
  • View distance is properly fixed for larger ship models
  • Course 4 properly displays its name on the map (Credit: Hayao)
  • Drunk mode removed, new view added as a far view (UP+SELECT)
  • New title screen (Credit: Hayao)
  • New weapon added: Shotgun (Spread laser)
  • Thank you screen to those who have supported the project throughout this journey
  • Many more misc bug fixes for 1 and 2 player modes!

Star Fox Exploration Showcase v7.86.3 released!

11 June 2021 9:40AM EST - Update by kandowontu

ROM Hacks News - RHDN Project Page

Star Fox Exploration Showcase has proudly reached version 7.86.3!

What is Star Fox Exploration Showcase? This is a romhack that is built off of the source code, and has many, many new features! So many features that they cannot all be listed in this news article!

Some of the major features include:

  • Alternate camera angles, complete camera control, all-range mode
  • Additional Ships and Weapons that are selectable
  • 2 player mode
  • An endurance mode, a 4th boss-only course, a scored edition mod for points
  • Model testing mode, SFX/BGM testing
  • Freeze + Explore mode to remove the rails and travel as you want
  • First person cockpit mode
  • God mode with no death/infinite bombs

and much, much more!

This latest update brings many new features to the table, notably:

  • Pre-game menu for turning options on and off. No need to memorize the codes for endurance run/level features codes/scored edition codes etc.
  • Huge models mode, rainbow fire mode, enemy firing disabled and other options also on this menu!
  • New Game+ Mode - Challenge the game like never before, with weakened laser shots and bomb damage, limited to single laser only, and reduced rapid fire.
  • 2 Player CPU mode - Want to play 2 player mode but don’t have a friend to play with? Get that authentic 2 player experience with a CPU as your friend.

Other changes include fixing the wrong instruments being played in some BGM’s during testing/endurance runs and 2 player mode adjustments.

What is next in store for SF:ES? Only time will tell.

Star Fox Exploration Showcase v7.19.3

31 March 2021 5:36PM EST - Update by kandowontu

ROM Hacks News - RHDN Project Page

The latest and greatest version has been released. It comes with some bug fixes, as well as 3 new features: Model Test Mode, Super Boost and Freeze/Explore Mode!

Model Test Mode is pretty straightforward; it allows you to view all of the models in the game, rotate them, zoom them in and out, and also “draw” with them.

Super boost in god mode - while boosting with X, hold B to boost even faster! (Speed is 65 by default, 83 for normal boost, 123 for super boost!)

Freeze/Explore mode allows you to stop the ship from moving forward automatically, essentially removing the rails. You can manually move forward and backwards, as well as continue to fire (as the rest of the stage will still be active!)

Fixed a few small bugs, such as the background tilting issue for 2 player mode.

Enjoy, and hoping to always bring big things to the next release!

Full Changelog: 7.19.3

  • Model Test Mode: Select on title screen
  • B/Y to change the model
  • JU/JD/JL/JR to rotate
  • L/R to zoom in/out
  • Hold A to “draw”, release to “erase”
  • Super boost in god mode - while boosting with X, hold B to boost even faster! (Speed is 65 by default, 83 for normal boost, 123 for super boost)
  • Freeze + Explore mode! Hold B and press START (and then unpause) to stop the ship dead in its tracks!
  • Move forward with X and backwards with B
  • Joypad2 camera controls and Joypad1 camera view changes work
  • L+R+RIGHTJPAD to get out of frozen mode.
  • Enemies and level keeps running!
  • Further refined the colors of Fox/Slippy/Falco/Peppy’s ships (low poly+high poly)(Requested by Delta)
  • Replaced the training level with one made by CoolK. Thanks CoolK!
  • Created unique border limits for training level
  • Added 2 new ships to choose from, the car and the bike from 2-6 (Requested by Delta)
  • New title screen, removed sprite of team on title screen
  • Fix nukes so that pressing A detonates them on command after they are deployed when not in god mode
  • Fixed enemy weapon deflection when doing barrel rolls
  • Boost/Brake soundfx only plays upon pressing the button, not continuously. (Requested)

Star Fox Exploration Showcase v7.16 Now available!

18 January 2021 12:25PM EST - Update by kandowontu

ROM Hacks News - RHDN Project Page

Star Fox Exploration Showcase has been in a constant state of development, and now, the wait for the next version is over!

2 Player mode has gone through a lot of revision and modification, and is finally at a point where the full game is playable and fully enjoyable from beginning to end!

Start 2 player mode from the title screen by pressing START2 on the second player’s controller.

  • Each player has lives, bombs, life meters, etc.
  • If all lives are gone, and the player dies, and the other player finishes the level, the player with no lives gets one more chance in the next level!

If you’ve never played this mod before, it is very important to read the readme file to see the dozens of changes and features this showcase has to offer!

Work will continue to smooth out the rougher things in due time.

Full changelog: 7.16

  • Improved on 2 player mode
  • Start 2 player mode with START2 on title screen
  • God mode codes apply to second player
  • Second player has their own bomb count
  • Second player firing delay works like player 1 dependant on the weapon
  • Second player has much smoother ship movements
  • Second player can now angle up/down/left/right and fire past the boundaries
  • Removed limitation of movement when in 2 player mode
  • Added third auto zoom level for going farther across the screen
  • Life bar has been added for second player
  • Collision for 2P is now like 1P where you have 7 frames of no collision after damage
  • Fixed shadows and floor appearing in space levels
  • Slight push off of walls/ceiling/space floors when button is let go to remove arrows
  • Player 2 continues the battle when player 1 dies
  • Players have independant wire ship lifespans
  • Player 2’s bomb count goes down in reverse order
  • Multiple other improvements
  • Life bars have increased to reflect the new increased health.
  • Teammates were not unloading under certain conditions and could loop around the level. Fixed.
  • Fixed course 4 level score %, will now give 100% upon completion of each level.

Please visit the discord to report any issues! Looking for interested testers as well.

Star Fox Exploration Showcase 7.00 released!

15 December 2020 4:32PM EST - Update by kandowontu

ROM Hacks News - RHDN Project Page

The latest and greatest update ever can be summed up into 3 points:

  • 2 Player Mode!
  • Useful Teammates!
  • Scoring Mode!

In the latest update, you can start 2 player mode with Y+Select. Your teammate is controlled with 2p joypad, can fire, fly, barrel roll, fire bombs, and can change weapons with R+X. The border is dynamically resizing, and the screen is in a static position. Have fun with your friends and try a new twist on an old classic!

Your teammates are also actually useful. They used to come out and fire 6 shots straight when you save them and then disappear. Now, they actively hunt down targets and will fire 60 times before going away. Want more? Summon one any time with X and Select!

Like Star Fox Scored Edition’s scoring mode? Well enable it in SFES with X+Y on the title screen! It has the same changes as SF:SE as far as exploitable point patching and endlessly looping levels un-looped. Compete for a high score!

Full Changelog:

  • Two player mode! (Hold Y and press Select) to spawn a ship for your friend!
  • Dynamically adjusting frame/zoom level dependant on the ships’ locations
  • Still just a WIP/test, but ship idle hover, movement pivot, center chase, z rotation, barrel rolls, firing and bombs are implemented. HP, smoother movements, death not implemented yet.
  • Imported scoring system from Star Fox: Scored Edition 1.25:
  • Enable by holding Y and pressing X on the title screen (you will hear a sound and the whale will be replaced with an Andross Cube)
  • While enabled, Black hole always exits at the third exit if you haven’t exited yet, Titania always does the weather change, Space Armada forces you into the ships and continues whether or not you have destroyed the core.
  • See the included Scored Edition Changes.txt for additional information about the scoring system.
  • Added Weapon 98, just like Weapon 99 but without object removal. Soft-lock free.
  • Reduced fire rate of Weapon 99. Soft-lock free(?)
  • Weapon selection no longer resets on each level.
  • Moved sound test to title screen, cycle through with A and B.
  • Added ability to use planet select cheat even after beating a level.
  • Planet Skip cheat can access 2 new “courses”, which just go to OOTD and Black Hole.
  • Teammates are actually useful and help out for a little while after saving them.
  • Teammates have some unique colors and show them in all scenes.
  • Teammate assistant can be spawned by (Hold X and Press SELECT) (Repeat to despawn).
  • You can now restart the game after the credits are completed by hitting START.
  • Sorry Titania, your weather changer is broken. The weather changes by itself now.
  • Fixed helperballs not spawning on Venom.
  • Adjusted Professor Hangar (2-3 boss) - only 3 fish spawn instead of 5 while he is recharging.
  • Disable switching into isometric/drunk view in tunnels
  • Disable view changes during cutscenes/no control sections

Thank you for playing, and see you for the next update! Bigger and better things are always on the way!

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