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Sonic in SMB1 v2.5 is out at last!

04 September 2022 7:34AM EST - Update by therealtaftq

ROM Hacks News

After an incredibly long delay and loads of procrastination, version 2.5 of Sonic in SMB1 has finally been fully released! It features various improvements over the previous version, including bugfixes, updated sprites and the ability to roll! It also comes with a bonus hack!

Check out the update today!

Final Fantasy CII now has Record Keeper sprites!

01 September 2022 6:37PM EST - Update by T92

ROM Hacks News

The hack FF CII, a hack that remixes elements of Final Fantasy IV to loosely retell the story of Final Fantasy II now has Final Fantasy Record Keeper sprites!

The patch works with both versions of the hack.

Mario Kart Super Circuit Playing in Higher Quality!

30 August 2022 1:28AM EST - Update by RunTheCoins

ROM Hacks News

This is a complete sound improvement of the samples in Mario Kart Super Circuit, this changes both the sound engine and the limitations of how the samples are played, so they can be played at a higher rate!

This rewrites the games sound engine completely, and adds longer samples in so you can enjoy the game in pristine quality audio! This was done by researching some of the Code in the prototype Ique Builds, as they have a newer sound engine that allows playback of wav files. (Still lower quality than the author want’s it to be though!)

This will eventually be updated in the future to allow stereo options. Also higher Quality playback of the wav samples as well later on…

Manall's Waluigi RPG 1.1a Release

28 August 2022 7:24AM EST - Update by Manall

ROM Hacks News

One more for Waluigi RPG this month! Inside are important hotfixes, updates for minigames, balance and visuals. A large boon of this patch is for Mallow and Princess Daisy - enemies put to sleep no longer counterattack the spell! (and what kind of sense did that make, anyway?)

Castlevania Harmony of Dissonance - Recolor by JonataGuitar and sorrow

26 August 2022 7:05PM EST - Update by sorrow

ROM Hacks News

Following the success of JonataGuitar’s Aria of Sorrow recolor, comes the Castlevania Harmony of Dissonance Recolor by both JonataGuiter and sorrow!

A “basic” hack for Castlevania Harmony of Dissonance that aims to overhaul the visuals of the game, creating a much more enjoyable for a fresh playthrough, as well as being easier on the eyes.

  • ALL of the games palettes (Backgrounds, Animations, Characters, and Enemies) have been recolored by JonataGuitar.
  • All of the animation sequence palettes are not easily found in DSVEdit and were found by sorrow and given to JonataGuitar to complete the broken areas.
  • Various area tilesets were fixed by sorrow to accommodate the new colors properly.
  • Final Boss Battles were tweaked by sorrow to take place in Dracula’s Throne Room (from Boss Rush Mode) before transitioning to the Psychedelic area for the “Brain Fight.”


These patches are meant to recolor the palettes ONLY. There is NO guarantee they will work with other patches.

Future Plans

  • Different versions of the recolor.
  • Compatibility for HoD Revenge of the Findesiecle Deluxe+ hack.

Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine - Spanish Translation

24 August 2022 5:32PM EST - Update by RadioTails

Translations News

The Latin Spanish and European Spanish translation for Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine has been updated to Version 2.0

The dialog script was re-translated to be more faithful to the English script. A big thanks goes to Jate and Max1323 for making improvements to the script.

An alternative version for the Latin Spanish translation to use the dub names from the Mexican/Argentinian version of “Las aventuras de Sonic” is currently being worked on. The aim is to have that released by the end of the year.

So what are you all waiting for? Go and rescue those beans!

Major Tool Update for Super Mario Bros. 3

22 August 2022 1:24PM EST - Update by mchlnix

Utilities News

A whole new World(-Editor)

“Unbelievable”, “Like Sorcery”, “The Future of SMB3 Hacking” - Reviews

With version 1.0_beta24 the final (24th time’s the charm) beta release has arrived bringing numerous fixes and additions to the existing SMB3 Foundry Level Editor and a new, fully featured Overworld Editor: SMB3 Scribe.

Written completely from scratch using Captain Southbirds Disassembly of SMB3, there is now an open source Overworld Editor available, with additional features, beyond what was previously possible. For example, changing the animation timing of the tiles, changing the order of Overworlds or their screen count, as well as making it easier to choose which tiles get replaced after a Fortress gets cleared.

The Overworlds are rendered faithfully, including correct color palette values, animated tiles and even rendering the border around the map layout, as it would be on screen. To make sure everything works as expected, the instaplay feature, which lets you jump directly into the current Overworld, by opening an emulator and setting it as the first world, all without having to save your ROM, is included as well.

Editing the layout of the Overworld is simpler than ever with a large tile palette, remembering the last 10 used tiles, and the options to place, draw or even fill sections of the world with tiles. You can select multiple tiles and even copy and paste them around the map and every change can be undone and redone with no need to implement changes in between.

The Level Editor has also gotten quite a few upgrades. Working with chests, boom booms and pipe pairs inside levels is now easier than ever, by eliminating the need to move them manually. All the configurations can be done more easily through a settings dialog. You are now also able to change the Level Palette, seeing the result immediately in the Level. Items you can get from some level objects are now overlaid in the Object Toolbar, making it easier to select the correct “?”-box.

When selecting a Level through one of the Overworlds, hovering over a level entrance shows a preview of the level, so you can find exactly the one you’re looking for more quickly. Additionally you are now able to import and export level objects and enemies/items as ASM files.

Both Tools are available for Windows, Mac and Linux, and a full list of all the changes can be found in the release on Github, so pick your version and start hacking away: SMB3 Utility List

Bakemonogatari Portable now available in English!

22 August 2022 11:57AM EST - Update by PhantomandGhost

Translations News

A full English translation of Bakemonogatari Portable (based on the hit light novel/anime series of the same name) has been released! In this self-titled “crazy mad delusional drama” game, words become weapons in fast-paced dialogue battles.

The story mode features retelling of the series’ five arcs, beautifully hosted in a 3D world which captures the unique feel of the anime. Step into the shoes of Koyomi Araragi, a normal boy who was dragged into the world of the supernatural after an encounter with a vampire. His troubles don’t end there however, as this cautionary set of monstories goes to show, you must be careful what you wish for.

Famicom Jump: Eiyuu Retsuden 1.0 English Translation Released!!!

22 August 2022 8:01AM EST - Update by BlackPaladin

Translations News

Welcome to Jump World!

It’s time to celebrate Weekly Shounen Jump’s 20th year anniversary with a game that has multiple manga titles converged into one single world. Time to get your Rocket Punch ready to recruit sixteen heroes from many popular and obscure manga series and save Jump World from King Piccolo and his minions!

Family Basic hacks for NES released

21 August 2022 9:02AM EST - Update by tygerbug

ROM Hacks News

Home-made games for the NES are as old as the NES itself. In Japan, the console was of course known as the Family Computer, or Famicom, and there were plans in 1982-83 to release it with a keyboard and floppy drive (or cassette recorder), which were cancelled because this might seem intimidating to casual consumers. Plans for Atari to release the system in the US with a keyboard, cassette recorder, and joystick were also cancelled.

But the system got its keyboard with Family BASIC, released by Hudson Soft in 1984. This was originally Playbox BASIC, bundled with Sharp televisions, a version which is now rare. Family BASIC V2 allowed for users to program their own minigames within a limited 2k of RAM, and using a fixed set of graphics derived from games like Mario Bros. A background editor, message board, music board and built-in games were also included. The system allowed for saving and loading programs via audio tape. 1985’s Family Basic V3, which allowed for 4k RAM rather than 2K, is also rare.

Many copycat systems followed, such as some Subor and Dendy systems sold in China and Russia in the 90s and 00s, with bootleg cartridges like Braversoft Windows 2000, which resembled a Windows PC.

In the 80s and 90s, magazines for programming hobbyists would often include programs that you could type in yourself at home. Japan’s Micom BASIC magazine often featured clever minigames for the Famicom in Family BASIC format, published over three pages or so, and running about 100 lines of code. In some cases this was early work from programmers who went on to work on more famous properties.

Recently, efforts by ozidual and others at Gaming Alexandria have shed more light on this early amateur NES programming subculture, by transcribing minigames published in now-rare magazines and converting them to standalone NES ROMs. Over 100 minigames have been preserved so far, preserved at the Internet Archive by ozidual, and a Typing Taskforce effort is underway at the Gaming Alexandria Discord.

Romhacking now also features four Family Basic hacks from Garrett Gilchrist, which preserve some of these minigames with new hacked graphics to enrich the experience. This includes an “Among Us” hack of “The Tragedy of Ryohyukan,” a 1993 effort in which you must find imposters before they kill the rest of the crew. There also the 1987 mini-RPG “Excalibur 2: Get Even with Dragon,” in which you fight monsters and find three legendary swords to level up, fight a dragon and rescue your fiancée. Finally, to show it’s still being done today, there’s two recent 2022 efforts programmed by Masando, recreating Tetris and the early SNK arcade game Woodcutter Yosaku.

These preserved minigames provide a fascinating glimpse into the little-discussed early homebrew subculture of the NES/Famicom in the 80s and 90s, and beyond.

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