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Metal Slader Glory NES English Translation

30 August 2021 9:26AM EST - Update by FCandChill

Translations News - RHDN Project Page

To commemorate the 30th anniversary of Metal Slader Glory for the Famicom, August 30th, a new English translation patch of the game has been released. This release features:

  • Fast text speed.
  • Chrono Trigger’s 8×16 font.
  • A new translation.
  • A translated manual.
  • Source code and tools related to the translation.

And much more. Go ahead and delight yourself with the biggest and greatest Famicom visual novel in English!

Idol hands are galactic evil's playthings: Galaxy Fraulein Yuna for PC-Engine/TG-16 translated

26 August 2021 11:05AM EST - Update by Supper

Translations News - RHDN Project Page

After over a year of work, collaborators are happy to announce the release of their English translation of Ginga Ojousama Densetsu Yuna, a.k.a. Galaxy Fraulein Yuna, for the PC-Engine/TurboGrafx CD!

Yuna Kagurazaka was just your ordinary high school girl in the year 2299 – a bit carefree and more than a little absent-minded, but nothing special…until she won the Galaxy Fraulein Contest and rocketed to idol stardom! But when her fellow contestants begin disappearing one by one only to turn up wearing power armor and trying to kill her, she discovers her true destiny: she is the Savior of Light, protector of the galaxy, and must fight to keep the forces of darkness from conquering the universe! Can Yuna take down the evil Thirteen Frauleins of Darkness, or will hinging the fate of the cosmos on the whims of a flighty teenage girl prove a colossal mistake?…Possibly both.

Ginga Ojousama Densetsu Yuna, officially translated as Galaxy Fraulein Yuna, is a 1992 adventure game (visual novel/digicomic) developed by Red Company and Will and published by Hudson for the PC-Engine Super CD-ROM² system. The first entry in what would become a popular series amidst the Japanese “galge boom,” the game is essentially an early-’90s sci-fi comedy OVA in adventure game form, lavishly chronicling the galaxy-spanning adventures of Yuna, her friends, and a suspiciously large number of girls in skimpy power armor via a book’s worth of text, upwards of a thousand illustrations, over an hour of animated cutscenes, and several vocal songs.

This patch fully translates the game into English. In addition to translating the text, it also subtitles all cutscenes – the first time in PC-Engine history this has been done on such a large scale, as limitations of the hardware make adding subtitles very difficult. Even the vocal songs have been given full karaoke subtitles, all without compromising the visuals in any way. Watch the results in action here.

The game’s instruction manual has also been translated; it comes bundled with the patch, or can be read online.

This project was the result of a yearlong effort by Mafoo343 (translation) and Supper (hacking). Translation support was provided in various forms by Cargodin, Weedeater, Athena/悠里マヤ (Yuri Maya), Momochi, HeirTransparent, SilverLupin, and TheMajinZenki. Special thanks to cccmar, Cargodin, and Xanathis for testing.

The authors hope you’ll enjoy this opportunity to experience the origin of a series that never got its chance to shine in the West!

Featuring Bomberman from the Bomberman™ Series

New Utilities Added to the Database

24 August 2021 12:20PM EST - Update by RHDNBot

Utilities News

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The following Utilities have been submitted and approved to the database (in submitted order oldest to newest):

Assembly Tools

Compression / Decompression

Game Specific

Graphics Viewers

Level Editors


Script Extraction / Insertion

New Hacks Added to the Database

24 August 2021 12:20PM EST - Update by RHDNBot

ROM Hacks News

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The following Hacks have been submitted and approved to the database (in submitted order oldest to newest):


Bug Fix



New Translations Added to the Database

24 August 2021 12:19PM EST - Update by RHDNBot

Translations News

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The following Translations have been submitted and approved to the database (in submitted order oldest to newest):















English Translation of Mobile Golf

21 August 2021 4:34AM EST - Update by marc_max

Translations News - RHDN Project Page

Here it is the long awaited translation for Mobile Golf!

On 2001, Nintendo and Camelot released a Japan-only sequel for Mario Golf (GBC) called Mobile Golf. It can be considered an expansion: the same game engine but with new courses, new golfers, new minigames and even an exclusive mini-golf mode that didn’t even made an appearance in later games in the series. It doesn’t have a story mode, but all RPG elements (experience, leveling up, skill points…) for character building are still there. But what it made it so special was its Mobile Adapter compatibility, a special link cable that allowed internet connection through a cellphone. Yes, internet connection in a Game Boy Color game. Yes, in 2001. Thanks to online connection, Mobile Golf allowed for massive multiplayer tournaments to be held. Participants could get amazing prizes like special clubs for use in-game and even extra courses and characters that could be considered DLC somehow.

The patch doe not only translate the game, but it also changes the way DLC is unlocked in-game, so you can unlock them (courses, characters, minigames and clubs) legitly without using any cheat device! Check the readme for more information on how to unlock content.

Translating this game has been a nightmare because Camelot decided to store almost everything as compressed graphics. But here it is at last!

The translation is missing some Net Clubhouse (the online lobby) dialogs. But since the online service closed on 2002, these dialogs are not accessible anymore. However, there is a Mobile Adapter preservation project that could change this in a future… Sourcecode and the entire script is also available here.

ASM Machina Version 1.4.1 Release

19 August 2021 4:30PM EST - Update by opiter09

ROM Hacks News - RHDN Project Page

After a week of furious updating, with the release of Version 1.4.1 ASM Machina is at what will hopefully be its final version (at least for a while!). ASM Machina is a major hack of the very first two Pokémon games for the original Gameboy (Red and Blue), updating all the various factors of its turn-based gameplay. All the basics are given a fresh spin, namely:

  • Overhaul of wild Pokémon available in various areas
  • Overhaul of the teams of Pokémon faced in battle
  • Overhaul of the moves learned over time by all of the Pokémon
  • Touch-ups to the various moves used in battle, especially in regards to their Type
  • Some changes in Type effectiveness
  • The three starters, and their appearances in the Rival’s teams, have been replaced with particularly hard-to-encounter glitch Pokémon, lending battles an air of mystery and wonder

However, this is not all. A radical re-orientation of combat has occurred, whereupon focus is shifted to moment-to-moment, intra-battle gameplay, with tense decisions needing to be made in combat (effected by dramatically reducing the amount of move uses and healing items available), while between battles health and move limits can be reset, making no fight unfair simply due to previous ones. Further, the “Normal” type, a non-type type whose existence never really made much sense, has been eliminated and replaced with the Sound type. Almost half of the moves in this game were Normal type, and so this elimination has allowed for a spreading around of types, thereby creating more interesting matchups throughout the game.

Along with these more macro changes, a variety of QoL changes and small bug fixes (without “fixing” beloved exploits!) has been implemented. Some highlights include:

  • The removal of the maddening “low health” alarm
  • The changes to Wrap and similar moves made in the prior hack “Wrap Improvements.” Namely, instead of forcing one to sit there unable to attack, instead these moves simply prevent switching out party members
  • The early bestowing of an Exp. All, sharing experience among all party members to help reduce grind
  • Becoming “fully paralyzed” in the middle of using Dig or Fly no longer makes the subject entirely invulnerable for the rest of the battle

Finally, a few reversions to the Japanese have occurred, most notably the restoration of the original text about the Old Man in Viridian City.

All in all, this is a very wide-reaching hack, and now that it is in its perfected form, it is hoped that it will greatly improve the experience of going back to these venerable games.

English Translation of Kaitou Saint Tail on the Game Gear Released

17 August 2021 9:00AM EST - Update by filler

Translations News - RHDN Project Page

Announcing the unofficial English translation patch for Kaitou Saint Tail on the Game Gear, released and fully playable! Based on the manga/anime of the same name. When the dillema of fake gems sold as genuine is brought to Seira Mimori’s attention, she and Meimi Haneoka (as Saint Tail) are tasked with replacing the forgeries with the real deals. Traverse a map avoiding guards and collecting magic cards to break into people’s mansions and play a series of mini-games to swap out gems. Once you’ve swapped all 5, play one final mini-game to make your grand escape from Daiki Asuka, a.k.a. Asuka Jr., who is hot on your heels.

Presented by Filler, Taskforce, and Recca. This project was the incentive for diving deeper into technical aspects of translation hacking for both Filler and Taskforce. Filler coded his first general purpose script dumper, and Taskforce performed his first graphics decompression and recompression among a handful of other assembly hacks. While a significant project for the staff on the technical side, the game itself is a brief but charming mini-game collection featuring copious digitized voice samples. The staff hope that the Saint Tail fans out there get a kick out of playing this game in English for the very first time.

2021 Sonic Hacking Contest - Accepting Submissions

16 August 2021 7:21AM EST - Update by RadioTails

Site News

We are now ready to accept submissions to the 2021 Contest and Expo for the Contest Week that will start from 11th to 17th October! Please visit to submit your entries.

Check the SHC Newsletter for more information about this year’s contest:

Due to delays in getting the site ready for this year’s submissions, the Judges have decided to allow for an extension of the deadlines to ensure enough time is available to submit to the Contest.

Here are the new deadlines:

  • CONTEST DEADLINE = End of Sunday 12th September
  • UPDATES DEADLINE = End of Sunday 19th September
  • EXPO DEADLINE = End of Sunday 26th September
  • CONTEST WEEK = Monday 11th to Sunday 17th October

If you have any questions, use the SHC Contact US Form:

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