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J.B. Harold: Blue Chicago Blues - English Translation

22 September 2023 4:37PM EST - Update by Arjak

Translations News

Finally available in full English outside of the confines of the Pioneer LaserActive, J.B. Harold: Blue Chicago Blues follows the titular detective as he attempts to solve the mystery behind a double-homicide in the Windy City, and as the saying goes, this time, it’s personal, for one of the victims is his own fiancée!

This is the fifth game in the J.B. Harold series from Riverhill Soft, of which only two others were released in any capacity in the west: Murder Club (PC and TurboGrafx CD), and Manhattan Requiem (LaserActive and Mobile).

This translation patch, a year in the making, was finally released on SegaXtreme earlier this month. Using rare English-language FMV scenes, and a fresh translation of the text, the game has been fully localized into English for fans to play on Sega Saturn.

Good luck on your investigation!

Castlevania - The Last Tear

16 September 2023 4:15AM EST - Update by Sky77

ROM Hacks News

Welcome to “The Last” Saga, the first part of the TRILORGY begins!!!

With this news, an important update, everything will change! The Saga of the Trilogy “The Last” will begin!

Castlevania - The Last Tear (1 by 3)

After so much trouble with the Belmont family… Simon has his last account pending… to do with the resurrected Count Dracula again… Than to end the Belmont lineage…?? One last tear…

A brand new Castlevania Hack, all to be discovered with new beautiful graphics, difficulty in the norm almost like the original without hitches and various annoyances… The music and the behavior of the enemies are like the original to regain the nostalgic passion! A well done project, very deep, very nice designer, especially with a lot of patience and effort, for this game !! To all Castlevania fans!! Good Fun!!!

WWF Royal Rumble Enhanced Colors + SFX (GEN)

16 September 2023 12:24AM EST - Update by Byros

ROM Hacks News

Welcome back to the golden age of the World Wrestling Federation, this patch changes some colors & sound effects in WWF Royal Rumble (GEN).

Slightly enhanced colors: Intro screens | Wrestlers | Squared Circle Remixed SFX to give hits & moves quite more punch vs the original mix which is somewhat quiet.

This mod also incorporates the great gameplay patch by BillyTime! Games which swaps the button mashing for well timed button inputs, it works wonders with a 6-button controller to perform powerful moves & finishers while using the X,Y & Z buttons.

Re-experience Sonic 2 with the Score Rush!

12 September 2023 6:13AM EST - Update by giovanni.gen

ROM Hacks News

Ever feel like the score in the original Sonic games is lacking, in terms of usefulness? Fear no more, because Sonic 2 - Score Rush is finally released!

Sonic 2 - Score Rush is a brand new ROM hack of the original Sonic the Hedgehog 2 for the SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis, which aims to not just bring use to the score, but to give it the full spotlight! This hack is a direct follow-up to last year’s Sonic 1 - Score Rush, a ROM hack featuring the very same concept, but in Sonic 1.

Sonic 2 - Score Rush brings to the table many new ways to re-experience Sonic 2, all centered around one core gimmick, that being the Score Rush!

The Score Rush is a gameplay gimmick that has been initially created all the way back in 2019, to then be polished up in 2020 into the gimmick you can play with nowadays, in which the score gradually goes down with time. If the score reaches zero, it’s an immediate Game Over! Keep your score up high with rings, powerups, starposts, and whatever other ways to rack up points you’re given by the original game! Be quick, but scavenge entire levels for that precious score!

There are three different game modes in Sonic 2 - Score Rush. You can blast through the game, trying to rack up the highest score as possible with the classic Score Rush game mode! You can play a randomized selection of levels with the Endless Rush! And, finally, if you’re in a pinch, or you need to practice, you can play singular stages through the Quick Rush!

Sonic 2 - Score Rush can be played as Sonic, featuring moves old and new, like the Super Peel-Out, the Drop Dash, and the Insta-Shield, but it can also be played as Tails and Knuckles, both sporting their movesets from Sonic 3 & Knuckles!

The sheer amount of replay value, further expanded by the presence of SRAM powered leaderboards, as well as the change in scope, should grant seasoned veterans and aficionados alike a new way to play Sonic 2! Are you ready for the Score Rush? Go to the project page and find out!

Refined Gold Overhaul - Now With More Kanto!

04 September 2023 1:09AM EST - Update by RefinedPlatinum

ROM Hacks News

Refined Gold Overhaul has been out for a few months, but comes to a screeching halt after finishing Johto and beating Lance. Despite some band-aids, Kanto was still a major eyesore. Fortunately, one can announce that this is no longer the case, as with the v2.0 Update, “Kant Stop Me Now”, Kanto has been thoroughly overhauled! Unlike the Johto Dex only limitations on Johto’s trainers and encounters, Kanto goes whole hog on the best G4 has to offer, with a variety of Pokemon from all four regions in trainers and wilds alike. While difficulty is only moderate, team composition is thematic, well-crafted, and puts up a fight.

Kanto has been reformatted and is now segmented into two tiers before Blue. The player can choose to battle the gyms in each tier in whatever order they choose before moving on, Megaman 7 style. Each gym is bristling with powerful trainers, pretty team comps, and impending doom. The gym leaders themselves also get stronger as you beat others in their tier, making for a firmer progression. Paired with the TM shop in Olivine and the evolution item shop in Vermillion, the player is able to teambuild, collect, and explore at their own pace.

Between the faithful modernization of GSC’s quirky progression to the revamped level curve and actually functional postgame, this is a perfect pick to experience HGSS how nostalgia insists it should have been. Check it out on the project page!

Megaman II - RushJet1 music

02 September 2023 11:59PM EST - Update by Ti_

ROM Hacks News

Megaman II - RushJet1 music updated to version 1.1.

Fixed buzz sound before bosses fight.

Wily 5 music now works as intended by RushJet1.

Wily 6 music no longer stops.

Proper boss themes for Wily fights, Wily stage-4, for Wily stage-3 - as level theme (as intended).

Other romhacks:

Ren Adventures (Hack of Kaiketsu Yanchamaru 3: Taiketsu! Zouringen) also updated to v2.2.

Updated English translation for Chrono Trigger released

29 August 2023 6:08AM EST - Update by wakkoswami

Translations News

A new version of the old Kajar Laboratories patch that inserts kWhazit’s updated retranslation from into Chrono Trigger, in addition to trying to fix all the remaining issues that the old patch had.

The old retranslation patch, and the addendum patches based off it, use kWhazit’s original literal retranslation of the Japanese text which can come off as unnatural and hard to read at times. The addendum patches do clean it up by further localizing the text, fixing errors, and mixing in text from other translations, but in doing so, the old patch turned more into a Frankenstein’s monster of various translations rather than having it be its own thing.

This updated retranslation attempts to offer quality on par with the official DS translation while standing on its own as something different. A more literal translation than the official versions that keeps the Japanese terminology intact but still flows naturally for an English speaker.

As many bug fixes as possible were added to the patch, and an optional patch with some small gameplay changes to spice things up is also included. See the project page and readme for more details.

NES Lemmings Improvement Gets an Improvement!

28 August 2023 8:44AM EST - Update by The Tomato Watcher

ROM Hacks News

NES Lemmings Improvement receives its biggest update yet, addressing a concern from players, greatly improving the audio mixing, and tweaking loads of other little things to give the game a little more polish.

Since v1.1, players were able to assign skills to lemmings while the game was paused, the single most requested feature from players. However, the cursor movement still left a lot to be desired, stiffly moving at a constant speed instead of accelerating toward a top speed. This has now been addressed, allowing both finer adjustments and faster scrolling! The cursor graphics themselves were also altered, ensuring that it doesn’t blend into terrain.

Aside from audio mixing and other tweaks, this version also marks the release of a PAL-targeted patch! This version of the patch has mostly corrected audio and slightly altered controls to match the lower frame rate, allowing those who wish to play at the slower physics rate to listen to the music largely as intended.

More details on the project page and in the readme!

“Let’s go!” -Lemming, 1991

Introducing Rumble Support to Wario Land 4 With The "Jungle Rumble!" Patch

24 August 2023 5:54AM EST - Update by djedditt

ROM Hacks News

Exciting news for Wario Land 4 enthusiasts! A groundshaking update has burst onto the scene to make your Wario adventures more vibrant—literally. Read on to discover how we’re shaking things up!

Rumble Functionality

    Just like the unique rumble feature originally only found in “Drill Dozer” and “WarioWare: Twisted!”, this patch adds comprehensive rumble support, providing tactile feedback for many in-game actions and events. Feel every smash, dash, and transformative twist as Wario battles quirky bosses and uncovers hidden riches on his Game Boy Advance expedition.

Game Boy Player Compatibility

    Not limited to the handheld experience, this patch also adds rumble compatibility with the Game Boy Player for GameCube, allowing you to enjoy the game on the big screen with controller rumble. That’s right, this is the first patch ever to add Game Boy Player rumble support to an officially released game!

Supported Platforms

    This patch works on most hardware and/or emulation platforms, including:

  • GameCube with Game Boy Player
  • EZ-FLASH Omega Definitive Edition flashcart
  • insideGadgets 32MB 256Kbit FRAM rumble flashcart
  • MiSTer hardware emulators
  • mGBA emulator

Head over to the “Wario Land 4: Jungle Rumble!” project page and get ready for a rumble-infused Wario Land 4 experience!

A message from the creator:

    “Wario Land 4 is an absolute gem on the Game Boy Advance. It has been a lot of fun (and late nights) working on this patch, and I’m happy to be able to share it with you through RHDN. I’m sure you’ll enjoy playing this rumble-enhanced version as much as I enjoyed writing it. Have fun!”

Megaman - RushJet1 music

20 August 2023 3:27AM EST - Update by Ti_

ROM Hacks News

Megaman - RushJet1 music updated to version 1.2.

Added ‘Wily Stage4 - Gauntlet’ (new looped version) and ‘Last Stand’ tunes.

A bit more accurate volume changes than in 1.1.

Music stops after killing stage boss like original.

Some changes in used samples.

Thanks to RushJet1!

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