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"ALPHA SPHERE" Comes to!

27 October 2022 7:31AM EST - Update by Daizo Dee Von

ROM Hacks News

The Super Mario World Horror ROM Hack, “ALPHA SPHERE: Director’s Cut”, makes it’s way to! If you’re looking for a short horror game to sink your teeth into this holiday season, spend it in the 2bit styled terror that is this world!

You play as “Norma”, a suicidal girl looking to end her life to escape her lustful husband “Doctor Andre” when she uncovers an ancient relic called the “ALPHA SPHERE”. Not knowing what this device does, she searches for a place to leave it behind. Be warned! You DO NOT want to run out of time, or Norma’s worst fear may come to pass!

Things to expect:

  • An atmosphere not like most.
  • A set of block-based challenges to uncover.
  • A story that will get you thinking.
  • A jumpscare or two.

Warning: this ROM Hack deals with themes of suicide and fertility; as such it may not be suitable for younger audiences or those who are sensitive to the subject matter.

Can you find all 5 endings and uncover all the hidden content that is in store?

Aztechnology presents: Shadowrun 2058 v1.6

24 October 2022 6:45AM EST - Update by vikfield

ROM Hacks News

Hoi, chummers! Shadowrun 2058 is now here. On this occasion, the comrade Vikfield has made a revision of the previous version 1.5 and has managed to improve some former features introduced in that version, thanks to the comments and suggestions of some users and companions of RomHacking net.

As the author of this hack has already said, its purpose is to get as close as possible to the universe of the first editions of Shadowrun (especially to the core rules of the 2nd edition); for that reason this hack could feel a bit “strict” sometimes. For example, the prices of the cyberdecks in the 2nd edition are quite expensive, and this is reflected in version 1.5. but now, in this new release, the prices of the cyberdecks have been taken according to the 1fs edition, which are considerably more accessible. Another interesting improvement is that the negotiation bonuses have been increased when determining the payment of the runs. Perhaps the only new improvement in this new version is that the identities of the gangs and their locations have been modified.

As always, many of the old improvements introduced in later versions remain in this new installment, as well as a general update to other ones.

Vikfield really wants to thank all the people who have shown their interest and have given their support for this project of 5 years already. There are still things to do and the support of all of you is always very valuable. Thank you very much for continuing to show interest in this hack.

Runners, stay in the shadows!

Super Mario All-Stars in Brazilian Portuguese

23 October 2022 12:53AM EST - Update by bMatSantos

Translations News

Two years after translating Super Mario Bros. and its sequels on the NES, romhacker bMatSantos managed to port them over to Super Mario All-Stars!

When founding a complete, well-documented disassembly for the collection, he worked on it for 2 months by himself, redoing every 8-bit sprite into 16-bit, expanding tilemaps and objects alike, and even adding new graphics on VRAM when it was deemed necessary.

This patch also fixes the brick block physics in SMB1/Lost Levels and the bros. gloves in SMB3, as well as reducing the speed of flashing lights.

Final Fantasy IV - The DSfication released!

18 October 2022 9:05PM EST - Update by T92

ROM Hacks News

This is basically a hack designed with the DS version as inspiration.

Summary of changes

  • The delay of most commands have changed to resemble the DS version
  • Character’s stats have changed to the DS stats as much as possible
  • Dark’s effect has changed, it attacks one target at the cost of 1/8 of the user’s HP
  • Jump’s airtime has been increased just like in DS version
  • Recal’s spell list has changed
  • Sing is a list of spells just like White/Black/Call, similar to the DS version, the command now works with any weapon as long as a weapon is equipped
  • Pray’s effect heals ~20% HP and some MP, and the success chance has slightly improved
  • Aim now works with any weapon as long as a weapon is equipped
  • Salve’s effect heals for more HP
  • Focus’ effect has changed, now it stores 1 charge and it can be released with either Fight or Kick, similar to the DS version
  • Kick’s damage has increased, as stated above the damage can be increased even further if Yang has 1 charge of Focus
  • Brace’s defense boost scales with a formula based on user’s level
  • Bluff’s effect changed to increase Wisdom by 12 instead of the original 16 (sorry, it’s still good though)
  • Cry’s effect improves the chance to deal critical hits, trying to resemble the damage bonus from the DS version of cry
  • Twin’s delay has been increased, and the spell power of their spells as well, just like the DS version
  • Cid’s Peep (and the Peep spell) works on bosses
  • Cid’s new command “Imbue” which overwrites his weapon’s element to be ice, fire and lightning, which resembles the upgrade command from DS
  • Fusoya’s Bless restores some MP to the party.
  • Parry now increases the defense(x2) and the magic defense(+25) until next turn to resemble the DS version
  • Some algorithms were changed (accuracy, attack multiplier, magic defense multiplier, magic evasion, spell power, poison damage and frequency, gradual petrification’s frequency, armor/protect’s defense bonus, shell’s magic defense bonus …)
  • Equipment’s stats, bonuses, elements, properties, etc… Have changed to resemble the weapons from the DS version
  • Initial spells and spells learned by level have changed to match the ones from the DS version
  • Magic’s spell power, accuracy, delay, MP cost changed
  • Some spells were added and/or reworked according to the DS version
  • Enemy stats, AI, experience, gil, counters, etc… Have changed to resemble the enemies from the DS version
  • Damage/Healing output variations has been changed from the default bonus (from 0% to 50%) to be from 0% to 25% for less punishing RNG, it also helps to make defense and magic defense feel more impactful
  • Unlimited arrows like the DS version
  • Relative agility formula has been changed, now anchor has a Relative agility of 6 instead of 5 (for the ones that know what this means)
  • Small changes on maps
  • Small changes on chest’s content
  • Small changes on palettes

For bugs, feedback, comments, and suggestions feel free to post it in the forum or with the author.

Castlevania - The Last Tear

16 October 2022 8:28PM EST - Update by Sky77

ROM Hacks News

A brand new Castlevania Hack, all to be discovered with new beautiful graphics, difficulty in the norm almost like the original without hitches and various annoyances … The music and the behavior of the enemies are like the original to regain the nostalgic passion! A well done project, very deep, very nice designer, especially with a lot of patience and effort, for this game !! To all Castlevania fans!!

Check out the TRAILER here:

Play it now:

Sky Flare

Pokemon Patched Crystal - Version 3.4 released and more!

14 October 2022 9:09AM EST - Update by UberMedic7

ROM Hacks News

This is in fact the very first “News” post of this project, untimely so but still very needed.

This is Pokémon Patched Crystal, a “vanilla+” romhack which takes the beloved game and improves on what it already provides rather than replacing features, content and the like.

In short:

  • The entirety of bugs have been fixed
  • All 251 Pokémon can be captured, no trading with friends required
  • The time system has been adjusted so that there’s no short mornings or long nights
  • Th Celebi event has been restored, no more gimmicky glitches to acquire this legendary Pokémon
  • TMs are now infinite use like in later gens
  • All Gym Leaders are available for a rematch
  • Extra Trainer Card page for Kanto badges and all 16 badges are now in color!
  • Game’s clock can now easily be reset by pressing DOWN + B on the main menu, no silly password input needed either!

…and more features which really take an already great game to greater heights for purists and newcommers alike.

For more information regarding this romhack there’s or the official forums for players to communicate and provide feedback etc.

Of course, all of this would not be possible in the slightest if it wasn’t for the huge help of the following people:

  • The PRET team and its community which gave others the chance to dig deep into the code of Pokémon games to make these projects a reality and the insanely handy tutorials and documentation of which 90% of this project is based on
  • Rangi, a very talented individual in the romhacking scene of which has given great advice initially and gave the push to start this project
  • ChickasaurusGL, a veteran of looking into Pokémon games and how they work
  • βinary, a “behind-the-scenes” playtester which greatly assisted in the early days of development and more recently on some decisions

…and finally, everyone who is taking an interest and hopefully enjoy this romhack!

A new Donkey Kong '94 GB Romhack is here!

11 October 2022 1:05PM EST - Update by CousinCatnip

ROM Hacks News

Welcome to Donkey Kong: SUMMER

What to expect?

  • Over 25 NEW Levels made by the community
  • Infinite Lives so you can retry forever
  • Trying to get 100% and dominate the High Score

The History of the project:

During the Summer, CousinCatnip holds a Donkey Kong themed marathon and wanted to involve the community in a fresh new project. Over the last few months, they worked hard and this is the result! The project aimed to be a fun experience that anyone familiar with the original can play.

Check out the TRAILER here:

Play it now:

The Bugs Bunny Crazier Castle released for NES

06 October 2022 11:54PM EST - Update by tygerbug

ROM Hacks News

It’s a popular NES title, but The Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle has always felt a little lacking compared to its sequels on the Game Boy. There have been hacks which change the levels in this game, but graphically it only has four enemies, most of whom are Sylvester the Cat.

Animator and hacker Garrett Gilchrist, with Bavi_H and SpiderDave, has expanded the cast to twenty-eight Looney Tunes characters, including characters from other Crazy Castle games and characters newly animated for this release (like Marvin the Martian, the Instant Martian, Gossamer, Barnyard Dawg and more). There are also five new cutscenes, and the hack is fully compatible with previous level hack packs.

Graphically, this is Crazy Castle like you’ve never seen it before. It bridges the gap with the Game Boy sequels. Help Bugs rescue Lola Bunny!

Here’s the full character lineup: Sylvester the Cat, Yosemite Sam, Daffy Duck, Merlin the Magic Mouse Tasmanian Devil, Witch Hazel, Leprechaun, Beaky Buzzard Foghorn Leghorn, Barnyard Dawg, Porky Pig, Count Bloodcount Wile E. Coyote, Road Runner, Gogo Dodo, Mugsy Marc Anthony, Instant Martian, K-9, Marvin the Martian Pepe Le Pew, Gossamer, Ghost Kid, Elmer Fudd Tweety Bird, Henery Hawk, Sylvester Jr., Speedy Gonzales

Final Fantasy V Tweaks v2.7 released!

05 October 2022 2:31AM EST - Update by T92

ROM Hacks News

The version 2.7 of Final Fantasy V Tweaks has been released!

Changes made for this version:

  • Added a PS1 dash optional patch (Thanks to jtm297 for letting the author know).
  • Added an optional patch to use the GBA version’s font.
  • Added some of Inu’s patches (Some QOL features like L/R scrolling on menus and X to change characters in battle just to mention some) as an optional patch.
  • Buffed Dancer job.
  • Ragnarok and Excalibur are no longer throwable.
  • Removed Power Drink fix, Knives fix, Fractional M and its related patches in order to apply Modoh’s FF5 Weapon Formula Tweaks (Don’t worry, Formula Tweaks has the same effect as the removed patches).

Breath of Fire IV Uncensored

30 September 2022 10:56AM EST - Update by navarchos

ROM Hacks News

Breath of Fire IV’s North American and European releases suffered from censorship and cut content. Four scenes were censored, Scias’ speech was altered, and the Identify ability was removed.

This hack restores the four censored scenes. Additionally, it also allows the user to add back Scias’ Identify ability.

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