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Experience the music in Super Mario Bros. on Famiclones as it was originally designed for the NES!

23 April 2023 10:32PM EST - Update by chirinea

ROM Hacks News

Super Mario Bros. Duty Cycle Swap Edition fixes the famous duty cycle swap bug of many Famiclones.

Famiclones usually have CPU chips designed with the 25% and 50% duty cycles of their pulse wave channels swapped. This leads to music and sound effects being played differently from how the original NES or Famicom play them. In Super Mario Bros., composer Koji Kondo used the 50% duty cycle to play all the music, which has a darker, hollower sound. On clone consoles, the music is played using the 25% duty cycle, which has a brighter sound.

This hack replaces the 50% duty cycle instructions in all Super Mario Bros. music with 25% duty cycle instructions. If the hacked ROM is played on original NES or Famicom consoles, the game will sound as if it was being played on a clone console. Conversely, if it is played on a Famiclone, it will sound as it would if played on an original Famicom or NES.

Unfortunatelly, the sound effects were not touched in this hack (they’re also affected by the bug), maybe in a future update.

Taste the rainbow in Kirby's Dream Land 2 DX!

22 April 2023 9:35AM EST - Update by kkzero

ROM Hacks News

Kirby’s Dream Land 2 was first released in 1995 on the monochrome Game Boy, with very limited coloring if played on the Super Game Boy. The third mainline Kirby game, it allows Kirby to combine forces with three friends–Rick, Coo, or Kine–to expand his arsenal. For many years, it was trapped in the irony of being a game involving rainbows yet actually having minimal color…until now, after over a year of on-and-off hacking work to bring it to the Game Boy Color.

This colorization hack not only colorizes every scene and object in the game, but also adds extra visual effects, removes slowdowns in the original game, and provides a new settings menu with some cosmetic options.

Suzumiya Haruhi no Chokuretsu Editor Serial Loops v0.1 Released!

18 April 2023 7:25AM EST - Update by Haroohie Translation Club

Utilities News

The Haroohie Translation Club is very excited to announce the first release (v0.1 beta) of Serial Loops, a full editing suite for Suzumiya Haruhi no Chokuretsu (The Series of Haruhi Suzumiya)!

Chokuretsu is a 2009 Nintendo DS visual novel/puzzle game based on the Haruhi Suzumiya light novels. In late 2021, the Haroohie Translation Club was formed around a project to translate this game. While initially just focused on writing tooling to support the translation effort, the team’s lead ROM hacker, Jonko, eventually managed to crack the game’s custom compression algorithm, archive format, script files & custom scripting language, custom animation formats, and more. Armed with that knowledge, he and lead designer William278 set out to create a full editor for the game.

In this first beta release, Serial Loops is capable of completely rewriting the game from the ground up to tell any story with the Haruhi characters that you want. Some specific features are:

  • Creating, saving, opening, building and running projects from within the editor
  • Tools for searching items, including text within items (dialogue lines)
  • Editing game banner data, including its icon and name
  • Editing game scripts (including dialogue, character layouts on maps, top-screen data & more), with a live preview
  • Editing the game scenario flow (i.e. which scripts get executed in which order)
  • Replacing backgrounds, with automatic resizing
  • Replacing and leveling audio, modifying BGM loop parameters, updating BGM track names as they appear in the bonus room
  • Replacing voiced lines
  • Viewing (but not editing) maps, puzzles, topics, place name graphics, chibis (and animations), character portraits (and animations), and a number of other miscellaneous items!

Progress is already underway on allowing editing those other items, and eventually Serial Loops will be capable of creating an entirely original visual novel with the Chokuretsu engine.

NHL '94 updated for the 2023 Playoffs!

17 April 2023 12:21AM EST - Update by Adam Catalyst

ROM Hacks News

NHL ‘94 has been updated for the 2023 Playoffs! The goal is to try to provide the most refined and realistic up-to-date versions of this all-time classic game. I’m thrilled to be able to share this with you. Here are the top reasons you might want to give it a try…

New in ’23. 800 players obsessively rated, up-to-date rosters, and realistic lines, based on extensive 2020-2023 regular season player data and analytics. Team colours, banners, uniforms, and logos all improved to be as realistic as possible, along with numerous other graphical refinements throughout the arena.

Gameplay Revisioned. The gameplay has been adjusted for a more realistic modern hockey feel, with harder to score goals, easier to hit crossbars and posts, more realistic speed burst, fewer penalty calls, custom energy depletion and recovery rates (balanced for more realistic line rolling and shift length), and player rating distribution curves that have been carefully calibrated for more realistic gameplay on the ice.

Graphical Refinements. Hundreds of other refinements have been made including title screens, banners, player photos, scoreboard, audience, face-offs, player sprites, nets, ice markings, coaches, scorekeepers, Zamboni driver, and more. The goal is to bring the most graphically refined version of NHL 94 ever made, while remaining faithful to the spirit of the original art direction.

And so much more. Of course there is the weight bug fix, but also a custom weight scale, less variance in Hot/Cold rating randomization, immediate goalie control by pressing the (Y) button with a six-button controller, a custom 3-Stars of the Game rating formula, a Vegas / Washington / Winnipeg Menu & Player Cards crash fix, and so much more.

Every single change is documented in the ReadMe. Check it out!

Fire Emblem: The Second Scouring 3.0 has been released!

15 April 2023 2:42PM EST - Update by THE 1

ROM Hacks News

Fire Emblem: The Second Scouring is a hack of Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade which continues Roy’s story right where it left off. It contains challenging gameplay, new playable characters with newly written support conversations, brand new and familiar levels and, above all, a storyline with emphasis on keeping the player engaged while also staying true to the established lore.

Version 3.0 is the accumulated result of over one year of further development since 1.0 originally released. Though new elements have been added with each update, the hack primarily utilises the original game’s assets in an effort to preserve the feel of an officially released title.

Compared to 2.0, this version features various visual improvements, including new weapon icons for the newly introduced weapons, new and improved palettes for various characters, improved details on several maps, and characters being more expressive as they move during cutscenes. Under the hood there has also been several balancing improvements and debugging efforts made, many of which aided by RHDN user MageBoy. The perhaps most noticeable update of all is the new inclusion of character portraits in the chapter narrations, further reducing the perceived gap between this hack and an official game.

It is the author’s wish that you enjoy the hack just as much as they have enjoyed making it!

Go Go Ackman 1.1: revised script now available!

09 April 2023 9:34AM EST - Update by nf6429

Translations News

After some criticism of the original translation’s script, a new revised script of the entire game is now available to play! As well, compatibility issues with certain emulators like Mesen have now been fixed. Enjoy Go Go Ackman 2 in the best way possible!

Manall's FF1 v2.3 Release

08 April 2023 8:55AM EST - Update by Manall

ROM Hacks News

Once more, with feeling.

2.3 touches on aspects across the entire game. There is some emphasis on smoothing progression and magic-related combat. Delving a little deeper, FIRE, LIT and ICE now attack all enemies, but at half their original effectivity (and that can be reversed). There’s a redesigning of two other spells - HASTE becomes SABRE, and SCAR becomes FRAME. SABRE raises strength instead of the number of hits, and can be used on any ally. FRAME is a welcome addition to the Time magic family as the only armor-piercing effect in the game.

A few more bullets among the massive and very exciting (!) changelog include a new plate mail, an updated combat speed patch, a new Thief sprite, more interface colors, tiny bug fixes, and balance adjustments.

This update also prominently features a great many adds to quality of life, several of which have been brought over from the FF1 Hasted patch with permission. Credits (and much thanks) go to Mentil for those developments.

Oh, and one more thing…

By popular demand, you can now FINALLY buy multiple potions at once!

Mega Man World 5 DX gets updated!

06 April 2023 5:42AM EST - Update by marc_max

ROM Hacks News

The colorization hack for Game Boy’s unique Mega Man V has received an big update!

First of all, all cut content from v1.0 due to lack of time is here! Semibosses have now new palettes that make them more faithful to their original artwork. And a beautiful DMG warning screen has been added as well.

But, among other smaller graphics improvements, the biggest feature that didn’t make it to the v1.0 is now implemented: damage feedback! Yes, enemies now blink when damaged (a la NES style) allowing the player to see the invincibility frames for every enemy. This was the most requested issue to be fixed, and now, the hack can be considered finished!

Le Goof Troop released!

02 April 2023 3:55AM EST - Update by Le Hulk

ROM Hacks News

Right after the events of their first adventure, Goofy and Max are back for more! This hack features complete and new level designs using the original mechanics of Goof Troop, with a slightly bigger emphasis on puzzles. The difficulty noticeably increases between levels, so levels 4 and 5 are significantly harder than in the vanilla game.

Graphical hacking is minimal but lots of new tiles have been designed, mostly for aesthetic purposes, and sometimes to serve new gameplay ideas.

This is an attempt at making fresh, creative puzzles and action situations, which hopefully Goof Troop enthusiasts will appreciate. Besides, there might be a few secret areas to discover as well…

Enjoy the hack!

ROMhacking PSP basics + digivicePatch [SPA]

28 March 2023 5:56AM EST - Update by Bunkai

Other News


Digivice PSP translation patch The digivice game released for the PSP (also called: Digivice ver. Portable) has been translated to Spanish. Now, you can properly enjoy this piece of history too.


ROMhacking PSP basics Besides, all the proccess has been written into a friendly (but informative) guide for any beginner who wants to start doing their PSP projects. [With pdf and github version for the reader's convenience]


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