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NBA Jam 21: Bucks vs. Suns & the NBA Playoffs?

07 July 2021 9:13AM EST - Update by ponlork

ROM Hacks News - RHDN Project Page

Things are heating up in the world of NBA Jam. From the Arcade source code being leaked in April, to the upcoming documentary based on the NBA Jam book by Reyan Ali, to the Insert Coin documentary and various other projects in the works it’s fair to say that interest in NBA Jam is on the rise. And to help further that resurgence is superfan Ponlork with a new update of his wildly popular NBA Jam 21 project right on time for the NBA Finals.

Going along with Finals theme, version 1.3 adds Paul George, Clint Capela, Devin Booker, Deandre Ayton, Khris Middleton, and Jrue Holiday into the mix. The East and West conference finals championship teams the Milwaukee Bucks and Phoenix Suns are represented with 3 current players while the runner-up teams the LA Clippers and Atlanta Hawks consist of 2 current players.

Improving on gameplay there are now faster inbound passes to pick up the pace, and newly restored play-by-play audio commentary by Tim Kitzrow that was missing from the retail release. Famous lines such as “from downtown!”, “wide open!”, “launches a shot!”, “from long range!” and many more are back.

On the graphical side of tings there are updated portraits for Lebron James, Kevin Durant, Snoop Dogg and The Hulk, and a fix that expands the head size dimensions to prevent clipping around the edges. It’s subtle but when dealing with sprite based graphics, every pixel is important so the additional 2 pixels make a world of difference. Details on the fix can be found on the official RHDN Project thread

It’s time to get live, it’s time to represent. NBA Jam what time is it? It’s time to grab yourself a copy of NBA Jam 21 today!

Palette Project for Joy Mech Fight Special

01 July 2021 7:36PM EST - Update by Streetwize

ROM Hacks News - RHDN Project Page

Joy Mech Fight is a fighting game on NES made by a small team who gathered together at a seminar. Nintendo simply went on to publish it and featured the main character as an assist trophy in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. It is a technical marvel with some creative ways to work around the system’s limitations. Also notable is that it is one of the earliest instances of unlocking content. As simple as the game is, no game is without flaws. By fighting game standards flaws were aplenty that both added to and hurt the game. SP is a ROM hack meant to help improve the game by fixing such issues as well as improving character balance. Many new features were also added, and the purpose of this article is not only to generate interest but to give everyone a chance to contribute with a new feature now being worked on.

Extra colors to fight with is a rather big undertaking. Adding eight palettes for a whopping 36 characters makes for close to 300 that need to be made! Most fighting games at the time with only two palettes simply used the default color and the secondary color only appeared in mirror matches, but this game does something rare and locks each player as specific colors. Most of the time this inflexibility was done to save space for other data. However, the programmer of JMFSP understands that players like being able to choose a color to better represent themselves.

The developers thankfully already laid the groundwork to make this feature easy to add in as confirming a character requires two presses of the A button. Taking advantage of this was already demonstrated with alternate versions of the page 1 fighters. The programmer has a few rules as far as submissions go. Mainly, provide hex values for both the normal palette and the flashing palette if applicable as well as possibly an image. No more than eight extra palettes will be added for each character. He gets to decides which palettes stay if more than eight are submitted.

No hacking skills are required to help out with this. If interested, feel free to drop a comment here, reply to the thread, or join the Discord server.

Forum Link:

Discord Link:

Galaxy Robo Romanian version released!

01 July 2021 7:32PM EST - Update by Recca

Translations News - RHDN Project Page

Dynamic-Designs is pleased to release the Romanian translation of Galaxy Robo. This project took about a month to complete and can now take its rightful place alongside the English translation which was also released by the same group back in 2015. This is a classic turn based strategy role-playing game and one of the few released for the SNES that has a sci-fi theme to it. Special thanks goes out to all of the members that were involved in the original English translation. Without them, the Romanian translation could not have been made possible. Everyone may continue to look forward to many more future translation releases from Dynamic-Designs, in both English and Romanian.

New Hacks Added to the Database

28 June 2021 11:02AM EST - Update by RHDNBot

ROM Hacks News

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The following Hacks have been submitted and approved to the database (in submitted order oldest to newest):


Bug Fix



New Translations Added to the Database

28 June 2021 11:02AM EST - Update by RHDNBot

Translations News

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Bahamut Lagoon version 1.2 -- Remembering Near

27 June 2021 3:59PM EST - Update by Ballz

Translations News - RHDN Project Page

The emulation and rom hacking community appears to have lost an absolute legend, as reports indicate that coder and rom hacker Near has passed away.

It’d be an understatement to say the community wouldn’t be where it is today without Near’s contributions. Their creation of the SNES emulators higan and bsnes are still revolutionary today for their accuracy, but let’s also not forget Near’s numerous hacking and patching tools, the creation of things like BPS and MSU-1, preservation efforts and of course, rom hacking translations. And this is just scratching the surface.

Above all else, Near was a warm, caring, and gentle person who touched the lives of so many.

Earlier this year, Near completed their one true passion project: their English translation of Bahamut Lagoon. Near demanded absolute perfection in their work, making this far away one of the most professional fan translations ever made. Their reworking of the game also pushed the SNES to its limits, to the point where some strange glitches began appearing with some people who were playing the game on real hardware using a flash cart.

Ever the perfectionist, Near created a workaround and put out version 1.1 of their translation a few days after the initial release. But they were determined to find out the root cause of the glitch: was it with the sd2snes flash cart, was it with certain models of the SNES itself, or was it something else entirely?

A little over a month ago, Near reached out to Ballz, one of their project beta testers, with a version 1.2 patch, knowing Ballz had experience issues with his 1-chip SNES console. After some testing and playing around with some settings in my sd2snes they did determine version 1.2 fixed the issue. Version 1.2 also contained some script fixes from the project’s translator, Tom. This patch is absolutely perfect.

There was a bug, but it was with the firmware to sd2snes and Near fretted about when they should release the patch: do it now before the firmware fix was made and run the risk that some people would still report the bug, or wait until the firmware was updated… which would be who knows when. On June 1, Near posted this update to their site with little fanfare.

This is the final release of Near’s Bahamut Lagoon translation. A labor of love literally decades in the making, and an absolute joy to play.

While community mourns the loss of a truly phenomenal person, people can also can take heart in knowing Near’s legacy remains.

Thank you for everything, Near. Rest in peace.

Starfire Translated to English!

26 June 2021 8:14AM EST - Update by kinezumi

Translations News - RHDN Project Page

Starfire is an action RPG for PC-9800, initially designed by Winston Douglas Wood (of Phantasie fame) and developed by StarCraft Inc. as a successor to Star Command. The game underwent major changes during the development and eventually became a more straightforward dungeon/space shooter RPG running on the Might & Magic 3 engine.

In this game, you are a member of a mercenary squad of infantry mechs contracted by the government to do dirty jobs. Eventually you gain access to a space ship and travel the galaxy to deal with an alien invasion.

The project started in 2020 when the original designer (Winston Douglas Wood of Phantasie fame) admitted during the Matt Chat interview that he never played Phantasie IV and Starfire when they came out in Japan.

TheMajinZenki, Shinto-Cetra and AgentOrange handled the translation of in-game text, while kinezumi handled the research and reinsertion, with additional consulting by Xeen Music, who knew the technical details of the game engine.

Zelda Kong IX-XII

24 June 2021 6:23PM EST - Update by Zero Meaning

ROM Hacks News - RHDN Project Page

Zero Meaning once again marries Zelda and Donkey Kong for their anniversaries with the next four instalments in the Zelda Kong series. This time, the spotlight is entirely on Link’s Awakening. Almost all Donkey Kong graphics have been swapped out for Zelda assets. Return to Koholint Island in a way you never expected!

Features four separate hacks, each with unique enemies, bosses, items, characters, and palettes.

  • Save the island from Shadow Nightmare’s horde of underworld minions as Link.
  • Deliver Martha’s lost necklace as Marin, but watch out for the lazy Walrus!
  • Sweep everyone in your way off their feet with Grandma Ulrira (YAHOO!)!
  • Encounter an all-star cast of guest characters from the Mario and Kirby series as Tarin.

These hacks exist for both:

A video longplay without commentary can be found here:

Thanks for playing! ♥

Previous entries in this series:

Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari (River City Ransom) Localization Project

21 June 2021 10:22PM EST - Update by FANS

ROM Hacks News - RHDN Project Page

This patch will restore the japanese version of River City Ransom, called Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari, using the plot, names and graphics of japanese game, replacing several sprites, managing to restore Japanese graphics to the characters. RCR names were replaced with DNM names (Alex to Kunio, Ryan to Riki…) and all the text were adapted, using the official script of PS4/Switch official translation. The title screen will remains the same, It’s a mess and almost impossible to change it only editing sprites. Also, ArcSys still uses River City in the new games, so there’s nothing wrong with that.

There’s a known problem in the arm of some enemies that will be white. If the color is changed, the eye of this character changes for this color too. For this reason, it will remains white.

For now, all River City/Kunio-kun beat’em up games are localized by community. Hope you enjoy.

Final Fantasy VI: Divergent Paths Released

20 June 2021 7:28PM EST - Update by PowerPanda

ROM Hacks News - RHDN Project Page

Another day has gone by, and another FF6 hack has been added to RHDN. Why should Divergent Paths be any different than the others?

At it’s heart, Divergent Paths is a storyline modification, re-arranging, re-purposing, and sometimes adding new content in order to make the game flow more naturally. It starts with a small change: Edgar jumps in the river after Sabin. The changes cascade from there, peaking with a very different set of events in Thamasa. Leo survives the attack, and is given a chance at redemption. He’s not just playable; he is a main character with a full character arc, sidequests, and his own musical theme, composed by William Kage. In fact, every named character receives an end to their story arc, both main characters and side characters. There is even an additional 16th character added in the World of Ruin.

Divergent Paths has been in development for 4 years, and sparked the completion of the Full Roster patch, allowing FF6 to have 2 additional fully-playable characters for a total of 16. It includes almost every bugfix for FF6 that has been released, and incorporates dozens of gameplay enhancements to make each character play smoother than ever before. An earlier proof-of-concept patch covering just the 3 Scenarios was released in 2017, and was so well-accepted that it became the basis for several other hacks, including being an option for the Beyond Chaos Randomizer.

Even with all of those changes listed, Divergent Paths has become somewhat noteworthy during its open beta not for its changes, but for its restraint. There is no difficulty rebalancing, no retranslation, no graphical changes, and only a handful of spells and items renamed. Every change is made in service to its characters, and the core of the game remains the same. It never stops feeling like the Final Fantasy 6 you know and love.

If you’re a fan of Final Fantasy 6(3 North America & Europe), give this one a try!

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