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Compress Tools upgraded to version 3.0

03 February 2015 5:48PM EST - Update by Bregalad

Utilities News - RHDN Project Page

For people looking to compress their data, Compress Tools is very versatile and support many compression algorithms, in addition to allow users to add their own.

The features are :

  • Use input scripts as data (more versatile than binary files)
  • Input data is defined as a set of randomly-accessible small data blocks (rather than a big file of binary data)
  • Output to either assembly language or binary files
  • Support non-ASCII encodings, support for unicode (UTF-8) input
  • Can analyse data using all algorithms to find the best suited compression algorithm easily
  • Open source, users can add their own compression / decompression algorithms to the existing ones

The program has been rewritten entirely in C++, bugs has been fixed, and it is now easier to use. Enjoy !

CompressTools upgraded to version 2.0

22 July 2013 5:39AM EST - Update by Bregalad

Utilities News - RHDN Project Page

CompressTools has been upgraded to version 2.0

CompressTools is currently the most advanced tool for compressing data. It’s key feature is being able to “compile” data to be compressed from a script (instead of using raw files), and being able to separate multiple data blocks (like multiple maps or lines of text within a game, for instance).

It will then using a dozen of different compression algorithms, allowing the user to instantly see the most efficient algorithms, but it is also possible to force using a single algorithm and insert CompressTools in a compilation chain.

Some major fixups have been made since the last version.

New features :

  • Strings and chars can use all unicode chars, and they can be mapped to bytes.
  • Escape sequences are now implemented within strings.
  • The StaticDictionary algorithm is now much improved, it is still the slowest, especially for large data where it can take a dozen of minutes to compress, however, it is still “usuable”, as opposed to it’s previous version.
  • A tool to convert from plaintext to input scripts has been made.
  • No single byte blocks added any longer for compression parameters, now they are handled as defines