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Infinite Hyrule V2.0 - Zelda (NES) Overworld Randomizer

18 December 2021 6:21AM EST - Update by Garmy

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Infinite Hyrule is a Randomizer for the Legend of Zelda (NES) that procedurally generates an entirely new and unique overworld map to explore.

Play The Legend of Zelda like it’s your very first time.


  • Seed-based generation.
  • Generates new screens for existing biomes that faithfully match the original game’s design style, including Mountains, Light Forests, Dense Forests, and Graveyards.
  • Generates enhanced versions of existing biomes for Deserts and Beaches
  • Generates 3 all new biomes, including a Snaking River, a Haunted Forest, and Kakariko Village.
  • The Heart on a dock (the one you need a ladder for) can appear on any Lake or Coast screen.
  • The Secret Screen (normally the top right screen) can appear anywhere in the overworld.
  • An option to hide Dungeons 8 and 9. When selected, 8 will appear on the Secret Screen, and 9 can appear under any bush or behind any bombable wall in the game. To help the player narrow down Dungeon 9’s location, an open cave will be added somewhere in the world with a wise sage who will give a helpful hint.
  • An option to make burnable bushes and bombable walls visually distinct.
  • Near-perfect compatibility with Fred Coughlin’ Zelda 1 Randomizer, which shuffles dungeon items, dungeon layouts, and more. There are only a handful of flags are in Z1R that are not compatible. Use both randomizers together for a truly unique and fresh experience.
  • Eight different options for overworld palettes - Make Hyrule feel like a winter wonderland or view the world through vintage artsy glasses.
  • Enable two degrees of Map Previews and Spoilers for reference or use with trackers.
  • Maps are generated with a philosophy that each map should feel like they were designed by Nintendo developers in an alternate universe and teleported into our own. This means that every map has logical biomes and zones, each screen follows design conventions from the original (sometimes with a little extra flair), will have nine dungeons, two screens with raft docks, a ladder-reachable item, the same number of open caves and hidden caves, same number of cave types (shops, heart containers, etc), two large lakes, two medium lakes, dungeon 4 on an island, dungeon 7 under a single-screen lake, appropriate enemies on each screen (moblins in the dense forests, tektites and lynel in Death Mountain), and so on.