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Comprehensive NBA Jam TE Romhacking Document Released!

18 October 2018 9:27PM EST - Update by eskayelle

Documents News

Fresh off of releasing his NBA Jam TE - Double Z Mod romhack of an SNES classic basketball / beat-em-up extravaganza, eskayelle has released his Hacking NBA Jam TE: A Beginner’s Guide document.

An aggregation of everything eskayelle researched and learned while modding the game, the document purports to provide guidance on everything from modding court and uniform colors, to injecting PAR codes into players, to modding stats and graphics, and more!

While eskayelle’s goal is to generate interest in NBA Jam: Tournament Edition, and more hacks of it, he admits to two alterior motives:

  • The hope that hackers may find the document useful enough that they consider annual roster updates to the game.
  • The hope that experienced hackers may find the document interesting enough that they may want to pitch in with some guidance on sound hacking.

For those of you interested in digging into some fun, smash-mouth, 2-on-2 basketball, please pick up a copy of a document (and perhaps the Double Z Mod patch) today!