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Monster Hunter 2 is now completely translated!

10 May 2023 6:46AM EST - Update by Kresna

Translations News

「BREAK ARTS」 is proud to announce a complete localization of Monster Hunter 2!

Monster Hunter 2 is an action role-playing game for the PlayStation 2, released in 2006. It features many mechanics which never returned in later entries, including a seasonal system, and online player-versus-player combat. It is also known for its punishing difficulty and strong monster advantage, when compared with other games in the series.

In this release, 「BREAK ARTS」 have completely translated the game. All NPC dialogue, Quest descriptions, tutorial text, UI texture, item descriptions, including everything in the game’s online component, has been completely translated.

The patch is fully compatible with online servers, and provides an original, unchanged Monster Hunter 2 experience.

Work on this patch took over 6 months and over 850 hours to complete, and much love was put into the hacking and localization of the game to give fans of the series the best experience possible.

Please enjoy Monster Hunter 2!