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Rent-A-Hero No. 1 has been Translated into English for Dreamcast!

01 May 2023 7:13AM EST - Update by VincentNL

Translations News

Dear Heroes, the wait is over!

Unofficial Rent-A-Hero No.1 - English patch v.1.0 for SEGA Dreamcast has finally been released!

It should be noted that this is not an ordinary translation, as it includes new exclusive features:

  • Unlockable content
  • 3D models / animations
  • VMU graphics / animations
  • Opening/Ending subs
  • Interface controls
  • Debug menus
  • Secret modes ( One-Punch man fans rejoice! )
  • Developers message board with original team + Rent-A-Modders dev comments
  • Skip logos sequence with START button
  • Bug fixes

…And much more!

Project Story:

  • Back to the year 2000, the release of an English version of Rent-A-Hero No.1 for the Dreamcast was eagerly anticipated, but it never materialized until 2017 when an unfinished Xbox localized prototype version appeared on Unfortunately prototype text data could not be used on the Dreamcast due to the file archives being totally different, therefore in order to port the text, VincentNL had to reverse both formats, write scripts to extract and reassemble the data.
  • On February 9th, 2021, a first proof-of-concept video was released, and positive feedback encouraged VincentNL to begin disassembly and setting up a translation process. Thousands of untranslated lines from Xbox prototype, control codes to refactor, 3D models with Japanese names and over a hundred of textures had to be taken care of in a qualified team effort.
  • Rent-A-Modders team grew in numbers and quality, with outstanding translators such as Korp13 and CurtainFire, who diligently tackled thousands of untranslated lines.
  • The project stepped up with the contributions of fellow reverse engineers like Egregiousguy who made brand new 3D content + animations for the game, and Nanashi’s SH4 work on font / decompression algorithms which prompted the creation of new features for the game.
  • Over 60+ new functions were coded in SH4 assembly by VincentNL, in particular Name entry, Debug menu, VMU animation system, subtitles, and new SECAMAIL interface controls with the analog stick.
  • A special mention goes to Togepichu, who tirelessly worked on multiple playthroughs to find over 200+ bugs that needed fixing, and our Beta Testing team!

Although the journey was challenging, it was always fascinating and rewarding to overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges together!