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Magic Knight Rayearth for Game Boy translated

07 January 2023 9:41AM EST - Update by Supper

Translations News

LIPEMCO! Translations has released an English translation of Magic Knight Rayearth for the Game Boy!

To quote this web site’s description of the game: “This game is the standard-issue Dragon Quest Clone with Magic Knight Rayearth wrapped around it. You may recognize MKR as an anime, an SNES game, and a Saturn game put out by Working Designs on the Eastern side of the Pacific. It’s pretty standard, as far as Dragon Quest Clones go. You play one, you’ve played them all. Of course, this game adds some flavor to the mixture by using a very loose and humorous plot along with memorable characters. All in all, this is as decent a game as any.”

To further elaborate:

One day, Hikaru, Umi, and Fuu – the three Magic Knights summoned from Tokyo to save the magical world of Cephiro – come across a mysterious painting during their travels. Startlingly, they find that none of them see the same image in it, but no sooner do they realize this than they are sucked inside, each landing in the scene they saw. Separated, the three must now search for a way to reunite. What is the secret of the strange painting and its inhabitants?

Magic Knight Rayearth for the Game Boy is a 1995 role-playing game based on CLAMP’s hit media franchise of the same name, developed by Pandora Box and published by Tomy. Short and to the point (though with many hidden extras for the inquisitive player), its RPG elements are heavily simplified with an eye toward accessibility to the series’ target audience, leaving most of the focus on the story. One of no less than seven Rayearth games released in a one-year span, its developer would go on to make both a sequel on the Game Boy and a more ambitious and well-known Rayearth adaptation for the Super Famicom.

This patch fully translates the game into English. It was the work of TheMajinZenki (translation), Supper (hacking), cccmar (editing and testing), and Xanathis (testing). The authors hope you’ll enjoy this newly accessible entry in the popular series.