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Goemon: The Successor for a New Generation -- English Translation Released!

21 November 2022 8:30AM EST - Update by acediez

Translations News

Goemon Shin Sedai Shuumei (Goemon: The Successor for a New Generation) is a single-player action platformer with light exploration elements and first-person mech battles. It’s the last Goemon game released on the original PlayStation.

As a Japan-exclusive, late PS1 game, it’s often overlooked, even by fans of the franchise, who were turned off by the drastic change in style and tone. It also didn’t include a two-player cooperative mode, another franchise staple.

Looking at it by its own merits though, it’s a challenging and polished action platformer with a beautiful presentation, and great soundtrack on top of all. It’s a recommended playthrough for anyone looking out for quality overlooked 2D action platformers of the era.

As a piece of gaming history, it’s one of the swan songs of an era that was about to fade away: that of the 2D action platformers as main console releases. A trend that would take an entire console generation to come back in some capacity. If anything, this attempt to adapt a well-known franchise for a more mainstream audience (unsuccessful for the franchise as it was), is a demonstration of the compromises game studios had to go through to keep making games of this genre and value during this era, where the market was pushing them to lower budget handheld releases. Ironically, the down-scaled GBA port this game got was a taste of what was in store for the genre.

The translation:

The whole script has been translated, as well as the video subtitles (covering up the original game’s hardcoded Japanese subtitles), menus, and every single in-game graphic with any text on them. The bulk of the script can be found on the mostly-optional town dialogues and side-quests. So, while the game was technically beatable without knowing any Japanese, a big part of its content wouldn’t have been accessible. Now it is. Enjoy!

This project is dedicated to the Goemon SFC translation team of DDS, Tom and FlashPV. It was my pleasure and honor to work with some of you, and to be part of the wave of attention to the Goemon franchise your work sparked.