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English Translation of Samurai Kid

29 September 2021 6:21PM EST - Update by marc_max

Translations News - RHDN Project Page

Samurai Kid is one of those little Game Boy Color gems that had been left untranslated until now!

In this cute Japan only GBC platformer, you will play as Prince Homura Maru, who needs to save the Kingdom of Hinomoto from the Demon King. Surprisingly, this game is more focused on puzzle solving rather than action. Homura must turn enemies to stones, push them into switches in order to open doors and all sort of mechanisms. He also has access to three different weapons and other items that will be necessary to solve the puzzles.

The game was developed by Biox, and it uses the same engine as Daiku no Gen-san - Kachikachi no Tonkachi ga Kachi. It’s mostly the same, but much better in every aspect. As a GBC-only cart, it takes advantage of the GBC extra power, allowing it for more detailed backgrounds and animations. Level design is quite remarkable as well. If you are a puzzle lover, you cannot miss this one!