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In Times of Turmoil, Knight Gundam Comes to the Rescue in English!

10 April 2020 1:54AM EST - Update by Pennywise

Translations News

After various trials and tribulations, the very first Knight Gundam game makes it way into English thanks to the efforts of aishsha and Pennywise.

The project was originally started by KingMike years back and was taken over by aishsha who did the lions share of hacking and translating the game and as usual Pennywise came along and polished everything up to what you see now. Special thanks to TheMajinZenki who reviewed all the names in the game and then some.

A special note about the translation. It is currently only playable in FCEUX and possibly a few others due to a ROM expansion that exceeds the mapper’s limit. If you’d like to see other emulators support the translation, send the devs a message asking for them to support the translation.