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Super Mario Bros 3 translated to French!

06 March 2020 2:17PM EST - Update by hlabrande

Translations News - RHDN Project Page

Great news for French speakers: the third opus of the Mario series, “Super Mario Bros 3″ for NES, has been translated to French! The translation was written by hlabrande and the hacking was done by Wave.

This translation to French is not entirely based on the English text; the choice was made to write a translation that is closer to the original Japanese. Thus, Princess Peach, and not Princess Toadstool, is writing you letters; the suit is a tanuki suit and not a raccoon; the awkward joke at the end was removed to get closer to the Japanese version; and Peach’s second and third letters, inexplicably switched in the English version, have been put back in the right order.

This is technically not the first translation of the game: the game was remastered and released on the Game Boy Advance under the “Super Mario Advance 4″ title, and that game was released in Europe, with a French translation. Being a remaster and all, there were no space constraints to work under. The GBA version also implements the changes mentioned above, which was a factor in deciding to implement them in this translation.