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Original Dragon Quest Translated!

25 February 2020 6:55AM EST - Update by Polinym

Translations News - RHDN Project Page

Polinym has released the first-ever translation of the unlocalized Dragon Quest for the Famicom.

Dragon Warrior/Dragon Quest is essentially the father of the modern JRPG. It follows the story of a hero, descendant of the legendary Loto the Brave, who must slay the villainous Dragon King, rescue Princess Laura, reclaim the Light Orb, and restore peace to Alefgard.

One day Polinym noticed that no had ever translated the original before. After looking and seeing that it was not too difficult a task, he wondered why no one had done this before, and took it upon himself to translate the entire game.

The goal was to be as accurate to the original as possible, given the space provided, technical restrictions, and Polinym’s beginner/intermediate knowledge of Japanese.

Because an already localized and fantastic version called Dragon Warrior already exists, little to no attempts were made to localize or change existing content and is thus not a “Woolsey Fan Company” project. Rather, this was just a personal project because of Polinym’s fondness for the Dragon Warrior series.

Also included in addition to the pure translation patch is the “Quick EXP” patch, which grants large amounts of experience and gold after every fight and alleviates the need to grind.

Polinym also created a basic trailer to show off the translation and what the game is about, which can be found on YouTube here: ( ), or in the RELATED LINK.