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Little Master translation completed after 17 years!

13 June 2018 7:00PM EST - Update by CapnCrunch

Translations News - RHDN Project Page

Zatos Hacks is very pleased to finally release the 100% complete English translation of Little Master, finished 17 years after the project started!

The project was started in 2001, but was later abandoned due to running into some technical issues *and* for leaving the scene after making some inappropriate posts on some ROM hacking forums. Zatos’ brother, Fyr, wanted to start learn ROM hacking in April 2018 and was persistent in getting Zatos to teach him. That persistence resulted in a collaboration project for Space Hunter for the Famicom. After this, Zatos decided to finally return to Little Master, and give the game the finished translation it always deserved.

Zatos would like to give a big thanks to Fyr for getting him back into ROM hacking again, otherwise this game would never have been finished.

Thanks also to:

Alexander Beetle & Tomato for the original translations back in 2001

danke for a large number of retranslations in 2018

danke for figuring out how the unit type text was stored

many others who are mentioned in the readme file

It is highly recommended to read the readme file included with the patch. It goes into a lot more detail regarding Zatos’ history and the history of the project. There is also information about experiences with the project in general, that might be interesting for newcomers or experienced ROM hackers.

Enjoy the game!