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Rusty (PC-98) is now in English!

07 May 2017 8:54PM EST - Update by hollowaytape

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Rusty is a Castlevania homage for the PC-98, and a pretty solid action game on its own. You play as the titular Rusty, the green-haired lady in leather, as she battles her way through Transylvania against monsters and the forces of evil.

As in the contemporary Castlevania games, you can whip enemies and use special attacks you pick up, and fight massive bosses at the end of each stage. But unlike Castlevania, the level design is quite open, and there’s a lot to explore, and plenty of secrets to find…

This is 46 OkuMen’s second release, following last year’s E.V.O.: The Theory of Evolution translation.

We hope you enjoy it.

One small note: PC-98 emulation is far from perfect at the moment so we recommend using np21.exe from the np2fmgen pack to play the game.