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Kamen no Ninja: Akakage & Perman 1 English Translation RELEASED!

26 February 2016 7:48AM EST - Update by Zynk Oxhyde

Translations News - RHDN Project Page

Another two old Famicom games translated to English by Zynk Oxhyde.



Akakage was easy to translate because of very few text. The game was very memorable because of the anime-ish graphics and it was a very mysterious game without knowing what the things are happening. But the game was really a very linear game with not much plot. And most of the items seem incomplete and with Akakage’s sidekicks, Aokage - the quick ninja boy with the boomerang, & Shirokage - who seems to have nothing special on him. (Forgot to mention those two characters in the readme, meh)

Perman 1 is remarkably a fun platformer dabbled with some minigames that are essential to get a perfect game to make the boardgame boss battle easier to deal with. There are some stages where you can play as Booby (aka Perman#2), a monkey who has much more jumping power. Too bad you can’t play as Perko (aka Perman#3) and Peryan (aka Perman#4), however, these two play as support in the BBB section.

FOOTNOTE: There’s a translated Perman 2 by KingMike, but Perman 1 was left untranslated by some reason; really, why Perman 2 first and not Perman 1?? (And should the translation turn “Paaman” into “Perman” for the sake of correcting it?)